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Ok to run onboard graphics for WoW?

I just bough a new PC for my son HP Pavilion p6510f. (quad-core AMD Athlon 2.8GHz CPU, 4GB of RAM, 750gb Hard Drive and integrated ATi Radeon HD 4200 and 250w PSU.

This computer is primarily for playing World of Warcraft. I ran a test at "" and this PC exceeded all recommended requirements.

I'm trying to find out if it is ok to play WoW without upgrading graphics or psu. I'm not sure if we would be pushing the PC too hard.

So basically my questions are:

1. Ok to run as is? or
2. Upgrade Graphics card; or
3. Upgrade PSU; or
4. Upgrade Graphics card and PSU?
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  1. id pick NO. 4 since you can then play WoW on max settings
  2. You can play anything before burning crusade just fine but after that i would recommend you upgrade your graphics card and PSU. Personal Experience. Your setup will lag if you don't upgrade. If it's just for wow i would just get the 9800gt and get a 500W PSU, to play wow the way it's meant to be played. You will get great performacne with this.

    EE is just fine btw. I had this setup. I would actually recommend the EE. Played wow great, even games like aion. Even good enough to play final fantasy 14 for just under 200 bucks
  3. With your current setup,you can run it but don't expect great performance from it.
    So upgrade your VGA in order to get a smooth performance, and since your PSU won't work with powerful cards,then you have to upgrade it as well.So i vote for option 4 too.
  4. Another vote for options no.4...
    Get a quality PSU like Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, OCZ, SilverStone with 500W minimum for a single card. :)
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    I had a 7900gs before and an hd4200 now on my mobo. I used to play at 1280x800 with medium/high settings with no problem. HD4200 is a bit better.
    So I'd say try wow on your current setup. If your sarisfied with the resolution and fps, keep it. Else upgrade both gpu and psu.
  6. Thank you to everyone for posting. You all have been very helpful.

    I am very pleased with how WoW plays on this PC. My son plays a lot of hours on WoW, so I just wanted to make sure that it is OK to continue playing with the onboard graphics and 250w psu without damaging the computer.
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