What is my bottleneck? HD 5750 let down?

Here are my results from Futuremark Vantage.

You can gather from there what my specs are. I am completely unsure why my graphics card doesn't seem to be an improvement from my 320Mb nVidia 8800 GTS. Can anyone help me out with this? I would love some advice.
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  1. that score seems right to me. the move from the 8800 gts to the 5750 isn't really a super performance improvement. it just uses less power and is cooler. also has the new features though its not really powerful enough to take advantage of them. hook up and second and you will be happier. or try overclocking.
  2. So the jump from 320 to 1024 MB isn't that great of an improvement? I'm pretty disappointed. I usually do not go with ATI but there was a sale and toms charts showed great improvement over the 8800.
  3. in game yeah it will be way better but if your looking for major benchmarking scores then you need to go with lots of really high end cards with a ton of overclocking. just compare your specs the the highest system. are you happy with your in game play?
  4. +1^
    Always test games to determine the performance not just benchmarking tools like 3DMark etc.
    You'll definitely see a great boost in performance in games.
  5. Synthetic scores can be skewed from drivers or architecture of the cards. I'd look at actual game play. You should be seeing a good 50-60% increase in scores. Meaning if you got 30FPS before, you should be at 45FPS now. 60FPS should be 90, etc. Not all games will show this increase.
  6. No ..its good Upgrade ...5750 is new & good but...but you should not expect very great results ..,maybe if you got 5870 or specialy 5850 then you could say something .... if your looking for very GREAT UPGRADE ...you can go for 5850 . 5870 is even slower than 4870 ..dont look at the numbers ...its just like this 4850>5750>5770>4870>5830>4890> & much higher than all of these i introduce you 5850 . 5850 is even higher than GTX 460 & GTX 285 ..did you know that ?
  7. I have played the following games and here are my results:

    Blur: Slightly improved frame rates, still have serious slow down in "packed" situations.
    League of Legends: No noticeable improvements.
    StarCraft 2: Worse frame rate, around 20-25 FPS on ultra.
    Transformers: War for Cybertron: Unplayable, see-through textures, horrible drawing order, clipping, etc.

    I was wondering that may be it is the catalyst version I am using...I'm using 10.8 right now but lots of people say that 10.4 is the stable one. Could this be the case? Should I just take it back and get something that is an nVidia comparable? If I did that, what would you guys recommend?
  8. Try 10.3 or 10.4, as well as the newest 10.9. Don't forget to install the application profiles too.
  9. Ok, you just blew my mind. There are application profiles? Sigh...this kind of "hey you got the drivers, but you don't REALLY have the drivers" crap is why I moved away from ATI to begin with. Catalyst is a piece of crap. I don't need to set the settings on my graphics card, I want the application to do it for me. Someone, anyone, out there in internet land....give me some hope about this card. :-/
  10. Application profile are for CF/CFX users not for single user,that's why its separated from the driver itself. i don't see any reasons why Catalyst is crap,it has many useful features IMO.
    Anyway try with the profile and see if your performance gets better or not
  11. I've heard the profiles may help with single cards, though I have not tested.
  12. Looks like more of a CPU limit for the Blur slowdown. 4731 CPU score isn't that great. I'm scoring 16k at my current i5 750 settings. Yes it's OCed, but even stock would be around 12k or so... In heavy CPU load situations like having to calculate what all the cars on the track are doing, you can get lag/slowdown. If possible, try to OC it. We can help with suggestions if you need a new mobo and/or heat sink.
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