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My computer freezes after a short period of time with a terrible noise,after about 20 min running. After that, I try to turn it on but it doesnt start. The fans are working but the monitor wont turn on and there is no starting beep. I used to change the RAM cards positions, but now it doesnt help anymore. I dont know what to do so help please.
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  1. Few questions:

    What type of machine is it? can you give some specs?

    What are you doing when it freezes?

    Could the computer be overheating? is there a ton of dust in the machine?

    I'm guessing you have tried pulling the power cord out of your computer, letting it sit for a moment, then plugging it back in and trying it?

    Let us know :)
  2. I tested everything. Speedfan, I cleaned the dust, I changed thermal paste... Nothing worked.
  3. ok, you answer 1 of the 4 questions i asked (you dusted out the machine).........

    how about the other 3 now :)
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