Which i5 to get for gaming 8mb L3 vs Hyper Threading

Intel Core i5-670 Clarkdale 3.46GHz 4MB L3 Cache

Intel Core i5-760 Lynnfield 2.8GHz

I"m gonna assume the 760 w/o hyperthreading is superior as of now but i'm not too sure about the future.
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  1. Yes the i5 760 will destroy the 6XX for gaming. The i5 6XX are dual cores with HT, no games use HT and in some cases it actually loses you performance so you will probably turn it off anyway.

    Though the i5 760 may be overkill depending on what graphics card you are looking to get. What graphics cards are you getting? Theres a chance you don't need that much power.
  2. ^ +1 the 760 is about as good as any one needs for gaming and is far better than the 670, though if you are not going to get a very high end graphics card an i3, Athlon or Phenom may be much better value
  3. The i5 760 is probably overkill but it beats the i5 670 anytime
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