Three and more monitors on 1155 Z68 (iGPU + discrete) wide screen mode

Hi! Have 3 monitors and I want to upgrade my PC on socket 1155 , Z68 chipset.

But I want to connect these monitors in a such way:

1 - DVI - internal iGPU
2 - d-SUB - internal iGPU
3 - DVI - discrete card

what motherboard I need to buy?

Is on the ASUS P8Z68-V can work together iGPU and discrete graphics?
What option must be in motherboard specification to provide this mode ?

How to distinguish by description motherboard that supports simultaneous using of discrete and iGpu graphics, and not supports.

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    First, IMO don't do it that way and instead use a Discrete GPU only. The AMD/ATI can support up to 6 monitors off (1) GPU, and you wouldn't want to game off a single on 5760 x 1080.

    Cheap example: HIS H677FN1GD Radeon HD 6770 -
  2. 6770 has DVI, D-sub, HDMI video outs, so I can connect only 2 monitors on this card.
    I need f.e. 5770 DVI, D-sub, DP + active DP converter. It's about extra 180$ .
    But I don't need another discrete card! I have simple passive discrete Pci-e card DVI/D-sub and I want to use it with iGPU together.
    So it's better for me to buy motherboard, that will work width my discrete card.
  3. The HD 6770 I linked uses: 2 x DVI and 1 x DisplayPort. They are all digital. For older monitors there are cheap DisplayPort -> VGA

    Many Monitors have DisplayPort inputs, so if yours does use the DisplayPort.

    Q - What monitors?
    Q - What use? e.g. Gaming, Business, etc.
  4. jaquith said:

    Q - What monitors?

    1. DVI/d-sub
    2. DVI/d-sub
    3. D-sub

    jaquith said:

    Q - What use? e.g. Gaming, Business, etc.

    Programming. don't need games at all, so I don't want to pay extra 200$ for pci-e card and DP converter.

    I have an old ati pci-e passive card (I really enjoy it, but it has only 2 DVI/D-sub outs), that's why I want to use it for third monitor connection and internal iGPU for first and second monitor.
  5. I don't think it is possible to run the IGP and a pci-e card at the same time (with intel) but I might be wrong.
  6. Thx, but I don't want waste money for converters, I don't want to buy unnecessary cards, I don't need gaming, I don't need Eyefinity, I don't need extra noise (my dektop is working while I'am sleeping in the badroom).
    I only need to know, on what motherboard iGPU and discrete will work together in a extended desktop mode.
  7. I understand not wanting to drop money on a card when you won't be using the 3d stuff, but you're going to spend that money one way or another. I personally don't know of any cheap Z68 boards that have that many video outs. Either you pay extra for the mboard or you get a cheap mboard and cheap graphics card ( possibly even a new monitor to replace the older D-SUB only one. )

    If you're upgrading to Z68, I suppose you could just use the integrated Sandy Brdige graphics, though I'm not sure if they will support three displays. I've got an ASRock Extreme4 Gen3 mboard that has a DVI, D-SUB, HDMI, and Display Port all on it ( the non-Gen3 model has the same. ) If Sandy Bridge supports three displays, you could use that board and a Display Port -> DVI adapter ( at least I think, I'd have to check if the mboard has some of the video outs linked or something, but I don't think they are. )
  8. You should be able to run the integrated with the discrete, my motherboard combines the speed from both to transcode movies and stuff so i would assume its the same for all Z68's.
  9. RedJaron, Sandy Bridge's iGPU supports only two displays at once (connected to internal outs) , so I'll need a discrete card any way. Hence the question about specific motherboard.

    mightymaxio, what motherboard do you have?
  10. I have the Z68 Asus
    I figured out why it works because it has lucid logix built into it, which allows the graphics to swtich back and forth.

    •LucidLogix® Virtu (Universal Switchable Graphics) - Auto Switching between Integrated Graphics and NVIDIA/AMD Cards
  11. The igpu only supports 2 monitors and can work at the same time with a discrete card. Just have both enabled in the bios, it doesn't matter which is primary. Any z68 with video outputs will work. You could go with the cheaper extreme3 gen 3.

    Off topic: Virtu is for using the igpu when nothing is plugged into it.
  12. k1114 said:
    Any z68 with video outputs will work.

    Hm, sounds promising. Are you sure that I can use any Z68 mb?

    k1114 said:
    You could go with the cheaper extreme3 gen 3.

    I thought about it, but I think ASUS P8Z68-V will be more stable in overclocking with it's digi+ .

    On what maximum frequency extreme3 will stable with 2600K?
  13. I-Mode is limited to 2 monitors - period.

    I use HD 5770's with (1-3) monitor(s) your HSF (stock) will drown-out any noise for a GPU that's not under load not to mention the case fans. Being real about it.

    D-Mode requires the GPU 'on', and there are power saving 'schemes' still in play. If you want Extended then don't Enable Eyefinity {Display Group}. I'd still run them off the GPU only.
  14. Yes, I've got the cheapest asrock pro3 and it works (built it when z68 first came out so had a small selection [and h61 and h67 also work]). The extreme3 is 8+4 phases, the p8z68-v is 12+4 so will probably OC higher but not by much. Both are "digi power.",2939-17.html I know this article is different mobos but it's still 12 vs 16, asrock vs asus.
  15. Yeah, I didn't think Sandy Bridge could work more than 2 displays, but I was too lazy to look it up yesterday.

    Along with k1114, I'm pretty sure any Z68 will let you output over both discrete and IGPUs. I know my E4G3 can do so. At the very least you've got two examples of ASRock Z68 mboards doing it.
  16. My P8Z68-V Pro can do it. I have two monitors via DVI on my GTX580 and one via D-Sub on the MoBo.
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