Haf 922 vs 932

Hey guys, whats the main difference between these two cases? I've read that 932 has a secret compartment to route all wires or whatever, but which one would you guys recommend, I dont mind paying an extra 30-40$ but if its unnecessary I'd rather save.

Also I see on the pictures for the cases on newegg that they have red fans, there are ways to completely turn off all fan lights from the case correct without much hassle?

Also does anyone know if these cases have SSD drive bays
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  1. 922 is a mid tower and the 932 is a full tower... the latter is bigger by 60mm in height and 10mm in width... the fan sizes are also different with the 922 having 200mm and 120/140mm mounts whereas the 932 houses 230mm and 140mm fan... the bottom psu intake vent for 922 supports only standard psu's whereas the 932 supports standard and modular...

    Cabling behind the mobo plate is possible in 932 but limited in 922 (can be done but not as easy and neat as in 932 or Haf X)...

    The LED can be switched off in Haf X and 922 but not in 932 (atleast in the one 932 which i have worked on)...

    The older 932 and 922 dont have SSD trays (you'll have to buy them seperately)...Haf X comes with 2.5" and 1.8" SSD converters in their 3.5" bay trays...

    I would recommend the Haf X since its more advanced than 932 and comes with features you are looking for... Its available for $ 146 at wonder electronics / amazon if you are in the US (thats the price of 932 in newegg)... and for $ 160 in microcenter...
  2. A good pair of video reviews. Like any review, take it as the reviewers opinion. This review does a great job at showing you the cases features inside and out. Very detailed.




    HAF X

    The HAF series doesnt have a "secret" compartment, its just space dedicated space between the back panel and motherboard tray that you can tuck your wiring into for cable management.
    Out of the HAF series, I would choose the 932 over the others, space permitting. The 932, and the X are BIG. The reasons that I like the 932, it does not have the NON-REMOVABLE hot swap bays in the front. these are FIXED position and cant be moved. Nothing else can be put in that spot. For me that is a simple flexability issue. To others, it may not matter. You can always buy a 5.25 hotswap dock and put it where you want to. The HAF-X may have USB 3.0 ports, but right now,...who has 3.0 devices? Again, if I need front USB3.0, i can use a drive bay adaptor. There are a lot of videos out on how to mod the 932, not so with the HAF-X. "Thats why, in my opinon, the 932 beats the HAF-X,....pure flexibility." Do the research on these cases, make up your mind by your needs and wants and what you are intending to do with your pc.
  3. Wow amazing information both you guys have provided me, currently at work right now so Can't check those video reviews but will do so as soon as I get home.

    Which leads to my next questions I was hoping one of you guys could answer(may be in the video but cant see as of now)

    1) From what the first replier said, 922+932 are bottom mount PSU cases? What did he mean by 922 can only fit a standard psu, and not a modular? So a 922 case cannot use this PSU - Can someone confirm if the red led fan can be turned off in the 932? Standard PSU's are psus that are not listed as modular at the newegg store?

    2) Off-topic question about PSU itself. Im going to be running a i7950/gtx 570 rig, is 650w enough to overclock the cpu to 3.5ghz+ and enough to also support and OC the gtx 570?

    Thanks again!
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    1. In the entire HAF series, 912, 922, 923, X,...they all mount the power supply in the bottom. Only the 932 has a provision where you can move it to the top. but you would loose the top cooling fan in the tradeoff.

    2. As far as a "modular" powersupply goes,....If I am not mistaken,..."modular" just means that the cables are removable. In that case, should fit in any of the HAF series cases. What may be and issue is the length of the powersupply. in the 912, and 922, a long power supply may mahe it necessary to remove the removable 2. hdd cage that is bolted to the bottom of the case. 1 or 2 screws,...and clear.
    After re-reading the above post, the only other thing I can guess,....maybe a paticular powersupply intake fan didnt line up right with the case vents on bottom ? After reading the reviews and watching the videos,....I dont see this powersupply issue mentioned anywhere.

    3. As far as the power supply goes, the biggest concern in your setup would be your videocard. Look at the +12v amp requirements of it. " +12V@52A " on the powersupply you linked for example. If all you have is 1 cd burner, a few fans, 2 or 3 hdds, that 650 should be good enough. I dont think overclocking the cpu/gpu puts much on the powersupply itself. If you were running 2-3 card SLI/Crossfire, watercooling, 4-5 hdds, and windtunnel fanload, the 650 may be a little thin.
    In that setup, the videocard will be the one sucking the most power, just make shure its needs are met. one of the worst places you can skimp is powersupply.
  5. Oh,...if i am not mistaken, the 922, 932, and HAF-X do have a button to turn the fan led's off, it is in the video review. They are all located on the top "tray like" panel, the HAF-X is hidden behind a liding door.

    Side note: Measure where you intend to put a case, then measure again, the HAF series is not small.
  6. Thanks a bunch CJ
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  8. You should consider doing what I did -- take a less expensive case and stuff it with high quality fans. For me, that was the 912 and six Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F fans (intake: two front and one side; exhaust: two top and one rear). The total was $141 at NewEgg (I was looking at spending $150 on other cases) and getting the airflow I wanted was well worth the cost.

    There's a bracket at the bottom of the 912 that holds two SSDs. I removed it because I don't have any, and it made cabling easier.

    Speaking of cabling, the 912 fit my fully modular SeaSonic X-Series 560W power supply just fine.

    I'm running an overclocked i5-2500K and 570 GTX setup with a quality 560W power supply, so that Corsair 650W will work just fine for your setup.
  9. The 932 and HAF-X are full towers.....I don't like to put twin GFX cards in anything less than a full tower. You can duplicate a full tower's air flow in a smaller case but then it sound slike you live next to an airport.

    The HAF-X is simply the "new version" of the 932. Personally, I was not a fan of the 932 as I found it's "tool less" features quite flimsy and annoying. The HAF-X is better at this but I still would rather build in a DF-85. Both the DF-85 and HAF-X have internal SSD bays ... the DF-85 also has an external one which is hot swappable.... very cool feature for those on the move.

    The 922 is a bit smaller and still one of my favorite mid towers. I have not yet done a build with the DF-35 but I am looking forward to one once they fix the Sandy Bridge , defect, I have some backlog builds to catch up on. The DF-35 also has a SSD bay built in....the 922 doesn't
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