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Anybody think I can run Metro 2033 with these specs?

Hello I ran into a problem starting the game as the opening title page wouldn't even start so I checked the system requirements, turned out my pc didn't meet them. Here are my specs
CPU: Pentiumd D 820
RAM: 4GB (DDR2-800)
Graphics Card: PNY Geforce 9400 GT
OS: Vista Home Pre (32-bit)

Anybody think that if I just upgraded the card next month to the Radeon HD 6770 I might be able to run the game? Otherwise I'm going to have to wait until I get a checking account and get the Q6700 of ebay.
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  2. That processor will be decent and the gpu will be good, however I suggest you move this to a new builds forum as you need some MAJOR work done on your machine
  3. the Q6700 and the HD6770 should run metro 2033 fine, of course we dont kno how good the 6770 is yet.
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    if the world wide web guess-timate that the 6770 would perform ala 5850, i think you're good to go.

    but boy you'd get very good naming scheme. q6700+6770. that in itself is an achievement :D.
  5. You can run it at LOW settings.
  6. Thnx everybody, the game studio recommends thinks that a Core 2 Duo should be the bare minimum and I kind of agree.
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