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Hello ive got a brand new build and i want to know the best solution for storage.
i plan on reinstalling windows and everything today just wnat to know how to set my drives up. ssd caching or what?

MOBO: ASUS P8Z77 V Deluxe
CPU: i5 3570k
MEMORY: G. Skill Ripjaws 8GB x2
SSD: Kingston Hyper x 120gb
Graphics: Gigabyte 7970
Win 7 Ultimate 64
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  1. It is usually recommended if you had an SSD and you loaded your OS on it.
    It would help, not as much as whats mentioned above, but it would help if you had a small SSD for ssd caching. But if you can only choose one, go with the OS on the SSD.
  2. oK so ihow do i setup my hdd for storage cuz it seems like the 120 ssd is filling up quickly and ive only installed diablo3 on it and it reads 50gb free
  3. NeweggTV's How to Build a Computer part 3 explains this better than I can.

    Though it is fine, I personally recommend a 240GB SSD, if you are going to load the OS and other programs on the same drive, or a seperate 120GB+ SSD for you to load other programs other than the OS. But if you want the upmost performance, you want to try to keep the OS all by it's lonesome on the SSD.
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