CPU and Motherboard (Last two pieces)

So I'm down to the last two components I need to buy for my first build and I'm stuck at a crossroad. I have a specific price range in mind and have hit it perfectly with two choices.

Mainly this is going to be used for two things. Light Gaming (WoW and whatever games Steam sells me for less then $10) and basic HTPC (ripping, streaming, possibly over-the-air digital tv)

I have two choices:

Cpu: Intel i5 760:
MB: AsRock p55 Extreme4:


Cpu: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T:
MB: ASRock 890GX Extreme4:

It basically comes out to be around the same price. I just wondered what you guys would recommend. Would 6 cores be worth it for future proofing and maybe if I decided to do a little bit more in the future?
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  1. Hello.

    What graphics cards are you using? Cosidering its "light gaming" your not looking at anything above a 5870 are you?

    This you are not really gaming (depending on your card) you don't need the i5. The i5 will outperform the Phenoms in games though this only happens when the CPU is the bottleneck, which happens when you go above about a 5870.

    The X6 will have a large advantage in ripping (what are you doing? DVDs to x264 with handbrake?) over the i5. The X6 is the better choice if your not getting some really specced up graphics cards.

    The 890GX is only needed for Crossfire, if you intend to crossfire then it is fine though otherwise it is a waste. Even if you think there is a chance of CFing then getting the 880G will still probably be better, you will lose a bit of performance going with the 880G when CFing though it is not too large.
  2. I'm going to go with the 5770 and crossfire with another one in a couple months. Not sure if that changes anything.

    Should I spend less on the motherboard and $50 more or so on a better video card?
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    Nah you will see a bit of a performance drop from 2 5770s in x16/x4 CF. You could though save up the money now and run just a single 6870 or something and then save the extra on the motherboard. Though then you might want to CF the 6870 in the future so it doesn't really help :).

    Just get your current config, since your only getting 5770 CF the Phenom will be fine and won't limit them.

    So in conclusion, I think the best idea is to get the X6 with your current motherboard.
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