Enough power?

i've got

* intel i7 950
* evga geforce gtx 580
* 4gb ddr3 ram
* 8 12v fans ( 1 140mm, 4 120mm, 4 80mm )
* V6 GT
* 1.5 TB hdd sata

is a 750w power supply good enough?

like for example..

playing black ops..
fan speeds full

havent overclock yet
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  1. That all depends on the brand of Power supply you are looking at. If it is an Antec, Corsair, Seasonic brand then yes its is plenty. There are a few other good manufactures too so list what you are looking at to give you a better answer. But yes 750 watts is more then enough.
  2. hi SAELLO.

    i got ACBEL M8 700 powe supply

    i read this review on the PSU

    and this is their product website
  3. That is not a review. It is just a repeat of the distributor advertising. And the specs say a max of 52 amps on the 12 volt rails. 52 amps is a good figure for a 650 watt PSU, but it is pitiful for a 750.

    Here is an example of a real PSU review for a similar rated PSU:
  4. okay.. so i might be looking for a psu change..

    thanks. :)
  5. You have 12 x 52 = 624 Watts for your system.

    So for your system 130 (CPU) + 244 (GPU) + 50 (other stuff) = ~430 watts.

    That's plenty of power and you can even install a GTX 460 for a PhysX card if you wanted to. Unless you want GTX 580s in SLI don't waste money.
  6. I think what Minitron was trying to say is that if you only need 430W, you don't need to buy a 750W PSU. 430W / 12V = 36A. Any PSU that has the plugs you need to run the GTX580 and has at least 36A on the 12V rail will be fine. My 500W Antec has 34A, so my guess is you'd be fine with most newer 550W or 600W.

    Diggle, I never thought I'd get to use this pic, so thank you for allowing me to post it.

    If the GTX580 and GTX480 have the same TDP, why does the GTX480 need 42A instead of 40? Why does a GTX460 need 26A and the GT220 needs 30A? Please follow the advice of the pic and either stop posting this cr@p, or do some research and fix the list.

    Thank you.
  7. @4745454b
    Aint the purpose of this forum is to help those who can't decide?
    Asking for opinions.. and Helping..

    NOT telling someone, why do you not know this stuffs.. it's simple.. thats just cr@p topic you made.. ooh listen to me, i know everything..


    Here's your pic, i dont need it, so i'll be returning it to you.
  8. The purpose of the forum is to help those. Which is why diggle "annoys" (for lack of a better word) me so much because the info he gives is wrong. Helping people is great, but telling them they need to buy a PSU larger then they really need isn't helping. A GT220 doesn't need 30A. There are other issues with his list, you just need to sit down and find them.

    I agree with minitron. If you don't like my advice, at least take his. (its the same either way.)
  9. Quote:
    And those figures arent way of.

    I was going to show you cards like the GT220 which doesn't need 30A, or how adding another 2900XT requires only an extra 10A (120W) but somehow needs another 300W for the system, but then it dawned on my you wouldn't listen anyways. I've been trying to tell you for months that your list is messed up and you need to make some changes here and there. But you continue to post, and claim that the list is fine. You obviously won't listen to what I'm trying to get across to you, so I'll just flat out ignore you. (if you feel like listening I'll be happy to point out errors for you to fix.) I will however continue to post that in some cases your list is way off, and provide a more appropriate value for people.

    Good day sir.
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