Sandy Bridge CPU's... (and Motherboard) *Recall*?

Alright.. So... Does anyone know exactly what is going on with these..?..

I read of a recall.. But JUST prior to the recall I purchased (from Amazon) the following parts which I have not received yet (they shipped them already):

Intel Core i5-2500 Processor with 6 MB Cache, 3.30 GHz for Socket LGA1155 - Boxed

Gigabyte Intel H67 LGA1155 PCI-E 2.0 DDR3 USB 3.0 ATX Motherboard - Retail GA-H67A-UD3H

What should my course of action be at this point?.. Return the items to Amazon due to recall?

As I said, I should be receiving the parts today.

Anyone have any advice for me?

Thank you in advance!
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  1. I would call Amazon to see what they say I would ask to see if you can keep it til the replacement boards come out but I am pretty sure they have a 30 day policy on all electronics so see what they say.
  2. Are the replacement boards & CPU's going to be the same socket? I would have to see if they would allow me to keep the CPU and the Mobo until replacements came out.. Wonder if Amazon even knows of the recall.. Hmmmm.. Gonna give them a call now and see what they say...

    Has intel given any sort of replacement date?

    Will update this in a few...
  3. Just go ahead and use them and feel awesome that you have a Sandy Bridge processor and lots of other people don't (and can't buy them probably until April).

    The problem is *not* that big of a deal, and you can probably return your mobo after a fix has been created. No reason not to enjoy your new system for 2+ months in teh meanwhile.
  4. Hi Inocense,

    1) Call amazon customer service and see if they have a plan for replacement in place.
    So far, the motherboard manufacturers are working with the distributers/retail to handle the recall, that way they aren't swamped themselves. (For example, newegg has sent me an email telling me that I can return the motherboard NOW or any time between now and when a replacement is announced in April. It may be that Amazon wants the SB boards back ASAP, or they might have a more comprehensive solution, its good to find out and if you can report here I'm sure others are wondering the same thing.

    If Amazon is in no hurry to get the hardware back(April) you can still build your system(is still as good and fast and awesome as it was BEFORE they announced the recall) Plug everything you can into the 6Gb/s SATA ports, and anything that ends up on the 3 Gb/s won't just magically fry your computer out.. this is a problem that takes TIME and heavy USE to manifest, it will most likely NOT just turn into a paper weight in the next 2 months because of this flaw. Normal use(I would hold off doing long term benchmarks on it... (like a week at 80+c running the benchmark 24/7... wouldn't recommend it even without the flaw)

    So to summarize: 1) call amazon to find out what your options really ARE, if they will accept it back in April, then I would personally build. If not... then return. I've been totally happy with my 2600k/MSI-P67A-GD65 build, works like a charm.
  5. Just to be clear: The recall is on the mainboard -- the SATA II ports may fail after long term heavy use. Intel estimates a 5% failure rate over three years. The CPU is not being recalled.

    They have already stopped production of the chipset, and have actually fixed the problem. Now they just need to manufacture the new chipsets in quantity and get them to board manufacturers. Right now, they say the first new boards will be available in April.

    I bought mine from NewEgg and already had it built when the recall announcement was made, so I'll be running it until they send me the E-Mail saying they have a replacement board ready for me.
  6. Amazon is not being much help.. Looks like I just have to make the return...
  7. Returning CPU & Motherboard.. Cant do too much with the CPU without the Mobo to go with it..

  8. I would just return the motherboard in a week or two and then wait for the new boards to come out they should be out by mid march I hope, considering I was planning on buying one this weekend :(.
  9. My concern with that return process Saaiello is that if the board is not out soon enough.. I wont be able to return the CPU due to the 30 return policy lapsing.. So figured it would be safer to return both for now.. Guess I just gotta wait and hope they dont jack up the price when they put replacement's onto the market in a couple months.. Grrrrr..
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