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I'm using AMD gpu clock tool to change my settings on my cf sapphire radeon 5850's, however it will only let me change the frequency on the card connected to my monitor, and when I try to change the other card it say "set clock failed check configuration" does anyone know how to fix this?
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  1. I can't get afterburner to work at all, even after going into the cfg file and changing the "unofficial overclocking parameters"
  2. Its probably because of W7's security features, Right click on Afterburner and click on properties, then click the compatability tab and select run in compatability mode for XP SP3.
    Im not saying its definatly going to work but its what i had to do to get Afterburner to work.

    Mactronix :)
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    Afterburner works great for me, but OC software can be tricky to configure. If none of the compatibility or "Run as Administrator" options work, you might consider ATI Tools or the brand-name ATI Overdrive (part of Catalyst) as software. They share most of the same functions.
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