Please help me decide once and for .............Please :)

What memory would you use keep in mind I already own both need to RMA one or the other...... 4 of these or 2 of these wich of these is the best for my rig?

deluxe z68 mobo,coller master HAF 932 Advance Full Tower Case,LG 12X Blu Ray Burner Lightscribe,CPU fan ULTRA CARBON X7 COOLER MULTI-SOCKET, ocket Fish 900 w(peak 1000w) 80 silver PSU,EVGA GTX 580 1.5 gb and a EVGA GTX 580 SC 3 GB SLI.
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    The Corsair is 1.5volts which is recommended for Sandy Bridge! This is my second opinion since I have answered you in other thread already!
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