HD 5970 and crysis only 30+ fps

Hi, Firstly im new to the forums and pc gaming!

My specs are:

Windows 7 64bit home premium
AMD phenom IIx4 2.80Ghz
8GB Ram
AMD 785G chipset
sapphire HD 5970 2 GB GDDR5

I am confused as I was expected excellent performance when playing crysis with this setup.

However im only getting around 30 fps when you first exit the jungle in contact and in combat situations. it goes up to around 35-50 fps when running around in less open locations in the forest etc. I was expecting a minimum of 45 fps at all times!! also these results are at the following settings:

1680x1020 32bit version 4xAA and Vsync enabled all very high.

on the actual crysis bencmark i get 22-27 fps max when i run the test on all max settings and 1920 resolution.

Im pretty sure these results are low when you look at my system.

any advice would be much appreciated as its driving me mad!! I spent a lot of money on this rig lol.

oh and other games like flashpoint dragon rising, avp etc run flawalessly on full res max settings for game and DX11 tesselation on etc. eg avp i get 60fps easy with every setting amxed out including the DX11 features! I do know crysis was ahead of its time and poorly programmed but i see the benchmarks run on youtube and there getting 50= fps and im getting 25 + fps somethings gta be wrong even tho theres are overclocked!
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  1. appreciate you getting back asap - i looked at oc my cpu but i dont think i can - watched a vid on youtube and a guy doing it - went into my own bios setup and non of the options were there - but il have alook into it -

    ps- so you think its just the CPU speed " 2.8GHz and bottlenecking and not an issue with the card??
  2. Have you tried the 64-bit version?
  3. ye it was worse onyl got 20-25fps in alrge open locations. it was only when i ran abecnhmark in 32bit that i saw my performance increase by 10fps so i started playing the 32bit instead.
  4. Its a Dell inspiron 570 - I updated the card to a 5770 and now a 5970 - i definitely noticed the performance increase from the 5770 to 5970 but it isnt as large as i was expecting considering the price - gpu usage using gpu z is between 80-100 % i presume that means both gpu - id like to see each gpu's activity displayed clearly to make sure they are both working at max. I do agree that it probably is my cpu - even my motherboard both holding the card back when it comes to very hardware intensive games
  5. Oh and dont get me wrong its still very playable - vhigh settings 4xAA and vsync 1680x1020 res fps anywhere between 30-50 fps normally around 30 in combat so i can still enjoy the game - im just trying to justify spending the money for the card -

    oh and i did upgrade the power suplly to corsair tx650w - which i was told is plenty for a single 5970
  6. rv10 said:
    Oh and dont get me wrong its still very playable - vhigh settings 4xAA and vsync 1680x1020 res fps anywhere between 30-50 fps normally around 30 in combat so i can still enjoy the game - im just trying to justify spending the money for the card -

    oh and i did upgrade the power suplly to corsair tx650w - which i was told is plenty for a single 5970

    Did you pay over the odds for the card or did you get at MSRP?
  7. lol it did fit in the dell case - i upgrading it anyway tho becasue the 5770 was getting up to 77+'C so I bought the antec 900 - 5970 runs at 65-70 'C max - i i control the fans in ati overdrive i can run it as low as 55-60 whilst playing crysis - just played it now and was getting 60 fps in the jungle at the bginning when its dark and at the first campsite around 30-45 in combat so its ok.

    would you recommend upgrading my cpu and motherbaord then to achieve the results thta a 5970 should?

    the only thing i dont get is that my benchmark fps of 22-25fps are so much lower than when i actually play the game.
  8. paid 458 GBP for the 5970, got the antec 900, 5970, speakers and corsair tx650 for just over 650 GBP.
  9. rv10 said:
    paid 458 GBP for the 5970, got the antec 900, 5970, speakers and corsair tx650 for just over 650 GBP.

    That's not too bad a price bearing in mind they were going for about £600 at one time.
  10. Take at look at this benchmark, which tests the CPU at different clocks with Crysis, the right hand chart shows two 5870's, which is a little beyond what your 5970 will do.


    There is a large increase in performance going from 2.7ghz to 3.4ghz on their benchmark with the Phenom II.

    Another thing, there is some mods with extreme settings for Crysis, that actually outperform the stock settings at very high. You might check into those too.

    edit: woups, forgot link.
  11. Awesome cheers guys, where can i find this mod you mentioned mate? ive looked on crymod but theyve only got the very high quality mod and natural mod which both say may slow performance

    I tried to fiddle with the cvar and autoexec files but for some annoying reason i cant add an autoexec file to the directory as it says i need administrator permission, even the i am the administrator!! im allowed to make all other decisions re: changes . i need to look into this as well.

    However if you could let me know ehere these mods are then i can just install them or add the fies to the dirtectory and wont have to worry about this administrator thing.

    cheers for all your help
  12. oh and also, is there any difference in the 32bit to 64 bit version of crysis despite how it reads the RAM. Cos personally i cant see any besides me strangely getting better performance in 32bit.

    I am considering getting a new motherboard, maybve a formula IV and new processor. although if i just change the motherboard could i then OC my current cpu??
  13. you CPU is good as i see & matches with ATI card ...but it seem that its little low for 5970 2GB ....u should buy CPU which could handle VGA card ....like you could get ATI 5870 or 5850 { which has no problem & can handle all games } 7 higher ur CPU version...like geting Core i 5 or i7 ...or greater AMD CPU . butaway you did not tell us what is ur PSU ?
  14. Its a corsair tx650W which ive been told if easily sufficient for a single 5970
  15. ct1615 said:
    can you repeat that for a third time in this post? ;)

    It's not his fault ATT can't read!
  16. you have pretty nice stuff why not just upgrade your mobo to accommodate your newer tech and be able to overclock
  17. Wuttt.... ATT?
  18. uninstall your drivers! install the newest driver. do a full CCC uninstall. install the driver first then CCC
  19. Ive instaled and reinstalled the drivers many times and tried older versions, however the latest 10.9 works well. tbh its running great atm even on assualt it rarely drops below 30fps so im well happy. I will upgrade my motherbaord. what would you recommend?? As i asked earlier, if i upgrade my mobo as you say but keep my CPU will I then be able to overclock it?? ie; is it simply the DELL mobo that is prevented me OC my CPU??
  20. ya pretty much any decent mobo has overclocking options. what you get kinda depends on your future plans with it. 5970 is pretty badass so im assuming you wouldnt need crossfire and have more options. if your a fan of any particular brand name look around at the 890 boards they have. i personally like asrock now its not to expensive has good features and the overclock tool in windows is nice. im pretty sure asus and the others have a similar program but the asrock was really easy for me to pick up on. allows you to have the computer boot at stock settings then you can just apply the oc when gaming or whatever you need the extra power for and disable when your done. for example mine i lowered my ram/nb/cpu multipliers then raised the fsb so its close to stock. when i start my gaming i open the oc tuner raise my cpu multiplier from 12 (3ghz) to 14 (3.5ghz) and its ready to go. when im done i just drop the multiplier down and running back near stock for basic usage
  21. Best cheap mobos are basically all of the Asrock mobos. I.E the Asrock Extreme3 870 or the Asrock Extreme3 770. I'd recommend the 870 because of the two pci express slots. But not only that it offers sata 6 usb 3 and it has crossfire support (in your case quad-fire :P if you ever do get another 5970) Many would say it has 8x8x so its a downside. Its not really true, they run only 2% less in performance than 16x16x so you'll be getting nothing short in performance. The board is well... awesome, its ATX so thats sweet, plus its only 90$ on newegg. The only thing, its so "awesome" its sold out XD. You'll just have to buy it somewhere else or wait.


    You'll want to choose mobos with at LEAST USB 3 support because usb3 is predicted to be the standard in a year so =P that comes by really fast sadly. SATA 6 is a plus but you dont HAVE to have it. SATA 3 still offers great preformance.

    If you plan on upgrading your HDD (to answer it beforehand) the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB is probably the best you'll find. In raid 0 the performance in synth. benchs it matchs an SSD, however boot times will obviously be slower than an SSD.
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