Upgrade old pc?

CPU 775 CORE2 DUO E8500 3.16GHz FSB1333 6MB 45nm B
MB 775 ASUS P5E AiLifestyle SeriesSocket 775 / Int
CPU KØLER Scythe Mugen Socket 478 / Socket 754 / S
Corsair HX Series 620 Watt Modular Power Supply
2x 750GB Samsung SATAII/7200 HD753LJ x
HyperX/4GB 800MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL5 kit2
Asus GTX 295

Atm i feel like i can run most games at pretty good solutions and such, but i blame that most on my graphic card.
Processor and ram atm feels abit behind and i cant figure out if i should upgrade the mobo, processor and ram.
If i should be upgrading then what would be a good solid investement? I am not totally into the new hardware atm so any tips and advices would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Have you tried overclocking? Your system is pretty decent and should last at least another 2-3 years.

    The C2D E8500 can hit over 4GHz on air. There are many guides out there on overclocking the LGA 775 chips.
  2. I havent tryed overclocking yet. could be that i should give that a go instead of investing more. My only concern is if my processor and ram are out of date when it comes to gaming with high settings. Il have a look at the OC posts you linked.
    Thanks for your quick reply.
  3. It could be that you're just hitting a CPU bottleneck since you only have two cores/two threads. The OC should help remedy this problem.
  4. The aprox 25% boost i would be gaining, how close would that be to lets say a intel i5 or a i7?
  5. If you hit 4GHz, I would say you'd be about 70% to the i5. At that speed the you'd have to turn off most of the features that the i5 has over the core2 models. The only thing that i5/i7 have over your CPU is 2 extra cores.
  6. Bit of an overclock and maybe a new gfx card, come back in 2 years for upgrades :P
  7. I gues i will just do abit OC and keep it as it is for a year or so more then :)
    But replacing my gfx card? As far as i can see then the 295gtx is still one of the top cards, just not having d11 but ya hmm.
    Now il just have abit tweaking to do but hmm its not so easy to OC the system as i wanted it to be hehe.
  8. I'd clock that puppy to around 4 and see where that gets you. You're going to be a bit limited by two threads in some areas, but the E8500 is no slouch. Your board is a 1333/1600 FSB, so it *shouldn't* be a limiting factor in a solid OC.

    And there isn't much in the GPU department worth paying for over your current situation, the 295 is still a monster, albeit a DX10 monster :)
  9. Agree with jack_attack. There's little point to upgrading a graphics card that's still near the top of the charts.

    Take a look at http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-radeon-hd-6870-radeon-hd-6850,2782-7.html and note that the recommendation is not to upgrade unless you go up 3 steps. Note that there aren't 3 steps to go up from the 295.
  10. Tim, what's your budget?
  11. My budget would be arround 500 euros at max atm since its soon xmas hehe.
    If so that i should upgrade then i would gues i could maybe get a cpu mobo and 6gb ram. What matters most is if i would be seing a good difference comparring to what i already have.
    I noticed the new ssd drives wich are plugged into the pci-e sockets are reaching up to somewhat 700mb sec. Theese drives are though abit expensive still, sob i'm not sure if it would fit in my budget.
  12. tim83 said:
    If so that i should upgrade then i would gues i could maybe get a cpu mobo and 6gb ram. What matters most is if i would be seing a good difference comparring to what i already have.

    It's hard to give you an answer to this without knowing what games you play and what resolution you play at. Once we know that, we can help. Or you can google benchmarks and see if any articles have info about the GTX 295 with various different CPUs, and make a decision based on that.

    This link is from a 5870 CF scaling article, but the E85xx series is very competitive with i5/i7 at 1680x1050 in Crysis Warhead: http://www.legionhardware.com/articles_pages/radeon_hd_5870_crossfire_cpu_scaling_performance_part_2,4.html At higher resolutions, the CPU is going to matter less.

    In Far Cry 2, however, the older CPUs can only pump out about half the fps of a newer chip. http://www.legionhardware.com/articles_pages/radeon_hd_5870_crossfire_cpu_scaling_performance_part_2,7.html
  13. I run the games at 1920x 1080. Mostly sc2, wow,bf2 and im also fan of games like crysis and such aswell.
    The plan wasnt to save money, its more of a question if i should be changing out yet. I know my cpu is lackluster atm comparred to the new i7's but would it yet be worth it now or should i wait abit? Im not planning to change out the gtx 285 since i think its still up there.
    ´Gaming wise wouldnt i get most out of changing cpu mobo and ram? Then next year i could be ollowing that upgrade with a new gfx card and a ssd.
    OR - should i wait it out half a yea more or so? Go with the OC and call it a day? :)
  14. gtx295 that was*
  15. At 1920x1080, most games aren't going to see a huge benefit by moving to a new CPU. There are some games that will benefit, but I don't think any of the ones you listed will show an improvement worth the expense.

    I'd say wait. Spending the money on a new CPU/mobo/RAM (and OS?) isn't worth the minimal upgrade you'd receive in most games.
  16. Yeah it sounds like the best idea to save up and wait for a bigger step up.
    Thank you all for your replyes :)
  17. In my opinion, you could do two things, the first would be to wait until Sandy Bridge and/or Bulldozer to arrive after the new year, not entirely sure when they are both arriving but it will definitely be shortly after the new year.

    Second, you could keep the 295 (as it is already a pretty beefy card) and get an i5 760, a P55 motherboard and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and it should cost around $500.00. You will not need more than 4 GB of RAM for games. Then, in the future, when you want to get another video card solution, you will already be good in the CPU/Mobo/RAM department...
  18. Yeah i think il wait til after xmas and get me a NEW instead. then i gues i have a guest pc aswell hehe.
    Now to the OC part then, i did read the post you linked me here from this topic http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/ [...] king-guide
    Now im just not sure what excact i should be using of values with my current setup?
    I know its a hard question to answer so only reply if you really want to :)
    Last time i OC a pc it didnt go that well.... haha
  19. That should be a relatively easy OC.

    I always start out really light, say, 100mhz or so, and work up from there. Keep your cpu voltages on stock, and see where you can get like that. Once you hit a wall with stock voltages, start touching those up slowly until you get stable. In my experience, if it boots at a voltage, it's going to need more to be really stable. If your cooling solution is working well, you should be able to get to 3.8 or so, possibly more depending on how well your RAM likes being above it's ratings.

    I'm not sure why there is a question about changing out the GPU, it's still holds it's own very well against the newest generations, sometimes outperforming. Granted, it sucks a lot of juice, can heat a small room, and sounds like a jet engine about to fly out of your case...
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