Anyone interested in Vid Card swap?

I am looking to swap my ATI AIW Radeon 9800 Pro for either a regular 9800 Pro or 9700 Pro if anyone is interested. The card works more than fine, has never been overclocked, and comes complete with all cables, software and driver CD's and the Remote Wonder unit and sensor. All it is missing is the original box it came in. My reason for wanting to swap is because i have a CRT monitor and the DVI-AGP adapter i have for this card is horrendously unrelibale, giving me endless headaches. I strongly suggest that anyone who is interested in this card should have an LCD monitor. I cannot afford an LCD monitor or buy a new vid card, hence me looking to make the swap, it is basically my only option.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. ygpm

    If you ever stop learning, YOU'ER DEAD!!
  2. ill trade you my 9600 pro?
  3. what about performance? Is the AIW just as good/better than the pro in games/benchmarks/& 3D apps?

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  4. same clock speeds and all, just AIW has ability to get TV-in.

    its a good card, i have one.

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