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I'd like to know what brand/model of PSU would be recommended for my gaming config:

Case: Cooler Master HAF X
CPU: i7 980x
GPU: 2 x GeForce GTX 580 SLI
RAM: 12gb (3 x 4gb) Corsair Tripple Channel 2000mhz
SSD: OCZ Vertex 2 200gb
MoBo: ASUS Rampage III Extreme

I figure a 850W PSU would be ideal, but I am lost as to which brand models to pick from and which ones to avoid.
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  1. For a rig with a 980X, i would pick up a corsair AX850, its an amazing unit, a bit expensive but a very good gold rated unit.
  2. ^+1 the Corsair HX850 would also be a good choice.
  3. And whats the difference between both, apart from the price? =p
  4. The AX is a different platform, its 80+ gold and has better ripple suppression and voltage regulation, its just a better unit in all, but the HX850 is still damn good.
  5. I bought the Corsair AX850W but now I am afraid it is not enough. I used Antec´s Power Supply Calculator and if I put my system on overclock and consider a (recommended) 20% loss from the PSU's capacitor aging, it tells me I should be getting a 1000W PSU!

    For the record, I don't have any harddrives in my system. Only 1 SSD. I have 3 USB devices(mouse, keyboard and headset). The system is aircooled for now. There are no other PCI cards in it.

    Sooooo... I feel like I wasted some cash on the 850W PSU, or are those sites overestimating the amount of wattage needed?

    guru3d said that an average system using a GF GTX 580 need a 650W PSU. Add another 250W for every extra GTX 580 you put on sli. That alone would put my rig on 900W.

    Please, advise me on this.
  6. 20% capacitor aging isnt realistic for the AX850. First, kit guru was able to pull more than 1000W from it during the overload portion of their review before it safely shut itself down, second, they use 105C rated capacitors which age much slower than an 80C rated capacitor does at the temps a PSU runs at so it ages much more gracefully.

    Capacitor aging on those calculators leads to it grossly over estimating power draws. If we add up the stuff in your system by hand, about 260W for a GTX 580, about 130W for an 980X, about 20W for ram, 10W for SSD(worst case) and about 50W for Motherboard and fans only puts you at 730W, which leaves you a nice amount of room to OC before you come near the limit of the power supply.
  7. you could have a lil more power for a bit less

    or for a bit more you can get this

    but 850 should be the right wattage for the average 580 sli rig
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