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ATI XFX HD 5870, Will it work?

Will This card work on my motherboard?

I have an Intel Desktop Board D975XBX2 Extreme Series

I've already checked and it seems that it should work, but its an expensive investment so I want to be absolutely sure that it'll work on my board without WTFBOOM inside my computer. :whistle:

Just a side question, the reason I am upgrading my graphics card is because I'm looking to get a third monitor (I have two at the moment) but I'm noticing that when I run intensive programs on my computer and I have my second monitor enabled the performance drags a lot, and when I run games in higher resolutions the performance drags a lot more if both monitors are on. It makes sense though (Two monitors = twice the load.)

ANYWAY so after that huge rant here's the actual question, If I upgrade my graphics card will I see an increase in performance in those areas?

My system:

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHZ
3 GB ram (I know I should upgrade but I'm rebuilding soon so I only want to buy things I'll be able to use in my new system and my ram choices for my motherboard are limited.)
nVidia Geforce 9500 GT
Intel Desktop Board D975XBX2 Extreme Series

Sorry if my post is hard to read, I'm *** brained right now, just woke up.
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    The q6600 would need overclock so you get full benefits of that powerful a card, sometimes impossible on Intel boards. We will need the size of your PSU, brand or amps on +12 volt rail would be informative, before we can say it works.
  2. Or save your money and get HD5850, it's still MUCH better than your current 9500GT.
    BTW, just like rolli59 said above, we need more info, PSU? Brand? model?
  3. I'm not sure fo the brand but i know it's a 450W PSU. I saw that the requirements of the card are 500w, so if i got the card i would probably buy a new PSU to go with it.

    Can you explain to me why I would need to over-clock my CPU to benefit from the card?

    Thanks for all the help, appreciate it!
  4. Most high end GPU's today benefit from CPU clock speed of 3GHz+. Otherwise they will not deliver their full potential because the CPU will hold them back. (CPU bottleneck) You will still benefit from the card but not get its full potential until overclock.
  5. Okay I see. So overall, will the card work as long as I upgrade my PSU? No mobo splosions?

    As for OCing my CPU, I am using the stock Heatsink/fan and it runs at around 75-80C dual boxing Eve Online at 1920x1080.

    When i overclock it I suppose i would just OC it to 3.0GHZ. So the question is, will it overheat if i don't upgrade theHeatsink/fan?
  6. Upgrading the heat sink would be the safe thing to do. Here is a good aftermarket budget one gets great reviews
  7. Gotcha. So the card WILL work though? Even without the overclock as long as i upgrade my PSU?
  8. Okay great! Thanks :) Appreciate all your help.
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