What processor should I get?

I was going to go with i7-2600k but sense the boards have been recalled I was wondering what I should do? I could wait for them to fix the problem, by then will bulldozer be out?? Also I could get an i7-950 for 200 at microcenter, or should I get 1090t? The morherboard cpu combo for the 1090t is about 50 bucks cheaper after taxes and everything. What would be my best option? Thx for your help.
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  1. I guess that all depends on how big of a hurry you are.
    Personally, my opinion is that its worth the wait for the fix, but I also already have my SB system built.
    Personally I would still go with the intel between 950 vs 1090t, but that's because I want a more robust system and I'm willing to shell the extra $$ for it, but its not a bad choice. Though when you compare the AMD(current) to SB offerings its really, really hard to justify going with AMD(at least in my book). Again, its down to priorities, if bottom line-cheap system build is your goal then the AMD builds offer great bang/buck at the lower budgets(~$500 to $700) hands down. At the middle budgets and up it becomes tougher to justify going AMD though there are nice trade offs(cheaper processor + board = more money for graphics) etc.
    And once again, its down to personal need/want.
    The beauty of building your own system is you get to build it to do what YOU want it to do within your budget and time line.
  2. Thx For the reply. My budget is 1k. I don't want to go over that. I really liked and wanted to go with the sandy bridge option but I didn't really want to wait. I guess a few more months won't hurt. My p4 is so slow it's gate to even want to turn it on lol.
  3. Hard*
  4. upgrading from a P4 system, pretty much any of these options will feel like they fly.
    In my mind it depends on what you expect and how long you want to be using the system. Both choices are great and have their up/down sides.

    Only you can really decide if its worth the wait. the "older" stuff is still solid performance and you'll be happy either direction. Just choose whether you want the latest-greatest, or if solid, proven and good is good enough.
  5. Yeah, tough decisions.. Any idea when bulldozer or sandy will be available again?
  6. Sandy bridge should be coming out in April. But Bulldozer i don't know cause i also am waiting for them to come out before i make my decesion. But if your in a hurry i'd go with the intel i7 950 from microcenter for 200bucks.
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