NEED ram advice toshiba M40 307 running XP

Hiya all !
I've just bought 2 gb (2x1 DDR2 PC2 5300S Danelec on Ebay) to upgrade my toshiba M40 307. Originally, the tosh had 512mo PC2 4200S. Once installed, the computer just beeps and keeps trying to boot. Tried a few times and still does it. I earthed myself and took precautions necessary for the battery, etc.
Does this mean that the RAM is dead, or do I need to change something ( what???) in the BIOS? Can there be some incompatibility? According to Crucial site (ram not bought there), this ram IS compatible with this machine.
Many thanks for your advice !
Cheers !
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  1. Try only putting one stick in and see what happens.
  2. Thanks for the message Mightymaxio!
    Have already tried that - no difference... will not boot and just beeps.
    The machine still boots normally with the old ram ...
  3. Do you think the ram is dead ?
  4. Its possible, if you tried both sticks and they gave the same error. It could be the memory is bad or it could be that the motherboard doesn't like either the timings of the ram, the voltage of the ram, or the speed of the ram.
  5. Thanks again Mightymaxio!
    How can I find out if the ram has snuffed it, or the clock speeds are wrong? I've only got the M40 307 which will take these modules ...
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