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I just put together a new system and it is barely running. It was running ok when I first set it up, then did some windows updates, and it barely runs. It starts up, then the monitors go from black to the desktop to black, and so on. The cursor is visible the entire time, the cycle is slow. When you click a menu or put in a cd, it runs incredibly anemically. I have no idea what is wrong.

BFG nforce 680i sli mobo
intel core 2 duo 2.16 Ghz
4 x 1 GB pc 5300
2 x 1 GB radeon 5570
1 x 1 TB Western Digital Caviar
Windows 7 x 64

Please help
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  1. Were all the drivers loaded for the chipset and video card before you did the windows update?
  2. everything worked when i put the system together until i installed video drivers then everything, stopped working properly, i think it was a video card conflict.

    i was after all running amd built radeons on an nvidia chipset based mother board. I know that they should still be compatible, but u never know, the fact that there is no support on the bfg website helps nothing.

    I returned the radeons and bought some GeForce cards, and things started to run more like they should

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