AM2+ or AM3

Is an AM2+ the same fitting and is it compatible and can it be fitted to an AM3 motherboard?
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  1. It's the same; am2+ only works with ddr2; am3 works with ddr2 or ddr3, depending on the motherboard chipset and ram slots.
  2. AM3 CPUs will work in AM2/+ motherboards but AM2+ CPUs will not work in AM3 boards.

    What the guy above said:

    This is because AM3 CPUs have built in DDR2 and DDR3 memory controllers while the AM2+ chips only have the DDR2 controller.

    AM3 motherboards are the same as AM2+ motherboards except they use DDR3 instead of DDR2 and have a hypertransport of 1.8 ghz (3.6 effective transfers) instead of 2.6 ghz (5.2 effective).
  3. AM3 removed a pin, so AM2/AM2+ processors cannot fit into an AM3 motherboard, reason is because they lack the DDR3 memory controller required for an AM3 board.

    AM3 processors contain both a DDR2 and DDR3 memory controller, and will fit in the older AM2/AM2+ motherboards.
  4. There are of course am3 motherboards and cpus.

    am3 mobo fits am3 cpu only.
    am2+ mobos fit am3,am2+,am2 cpus
    am2 motherboards generally work with am3,am2+,am2 as well. Some cpu features will be disabled - like slower HT and also some power saving modes lost.

    Also last I checked am3 socket was 941 pins with am3 cpu having 938.
  5. AM3 Sockets are 941 pins and yes an AM3 CPU is 938. Toms did an article about removing two pins from an AM2+ CPU and tried it in an AM3 socket it did not work but it still worked in the Am2+ board with the pins removed. The compatibility between the two goes much deeper then pin layout. Its more to do with the memory controller.
  6. Holdon so wrong!

    AM3 CPU will work in AM2 and AM2+ motherboards.

    AM2 and AM2+ CPUs will not work in AM3 motherboards.

    End of discussion.
  7. Long thread for a simple answer:

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