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SSD storage running out

Not sure if this is in the Right thread but,
I running out of room on my SSD, i have only 27gb left on my 120gb. I installed my OS on it and two games, But it seems its taken large amount of my storage, this is the file names.

Program files
Program files (x86)

What should i put on to my HDD?
thanks in advance.
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  1. Oh No? what happened?
    everytime i click in to a game it says "system cant find path specified"
    whats happened?
    (edit): only the games on my ssd say that, should i re install them?
  2. nothing works on my SSD??
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    Sounds like the target on the game exe isn't pointing to the right place. Reinstalling them will work fine. Have you ever cleaned out your temp folder? Did you disable hibernate/caching/all the other ssd tweaks?
  4. Nah don't worry I fixed it
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