Might need a new PSU

I awaiting the arrival of my HD 5750, which I know requires a PSU of 450W.

I have in my system at the moment an unknown (so probably unbranded) PSU of 500W. All I know about it is that it is whatever brand PCSpecialist use, it's from 2008 and it is Dual Rail 12V.

My system also has a BE 955 at factory settings.

I do not yet know if the PSU has the required power cable so that the new GPU can plug directly into it rather than through the motherboard, I will be checking that tomorrow if it turns out the current one is powerful enough.

At the moment, I'm banking on having to go for a new PSU. However, I only have a budget of £50-£55 at most. Are there any recommendations for me?

I would really prefer this to be new, I'm not one for buying used computer components, especially not something as critical as a PSU.
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  1. UPDATE: Managed to log into PCSpecialist to see my old order, the PSU is 500W Peak Dual Rail.

    Any idea how to find out the continuous output?

    I'm upgrading from an HD4670, which I think requires less than 80W Peak.
  2. Look at the label on the power supply or google the model number.

    That 4670 will work fine with just about anything.
  3. Is it risky to test it?

    If it is, as I suspect, a budget PSU, will it protect the other components if it shorts?
  4. So, an recommendations on a new PSU if I need one?
  5. Awesome reply, thanks for that. The CX500W falls nicely within my budget.
  6. Wakers said:
    Awesome reply, thanks for that. The CX500W falls nicely within my budget.

    Corsair Builder Series CMPSU-500CXUK 500W - £46.74 Inc VAT
    Antec High Current Gamer 520W PSU - £56.38 Inc VAT
    Corsair PSU 600W 600CX - £50.66 inc VAT
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