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:hello: :hello: :hello: Hi guys, :hello: :hello: :hello:

New around here, been lurking in the darkness reading the great articles and decided I'd join up and ask for some help.

A couple of questions regarding my new case;

1. On the website it says my case can support up to 10 fans; 1 front, 2 top, 2 bottom, 2 side, 1 rear, 1 hdd and 1 that sits behind the motherboard underneath the cpu. (Actually can support up to 11 fans as one is mountable on the GPU retention bracket)

Looking at the picture here and my case, it isn't actually possible to install all 10/11 fans as to install 2 bottom mounted fans you would need to remove part of the hdd rack, which in turn would make installing a hdd fan impossible. Is my logic correct or am I actually missing something?

2. What would installing a fan underneath the motherboard, beneath the cpu actually accomplish? Is it just to cool the motherboard itself?

3. What is the point in having the extra vertical expansion slot? No components come to mind which woulc/could actually use a vertical expansion slot.

4. I plan on installing the full amount of 10/11 fans inside my case. What in terms of air flow would be the best way to set up the fans, including which way my psu sits?

Hope someone can help a newbie to the forums :D

Thanks for any help, it is very much appreciated.

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  1. Why not use 4 120mm fans: 2 front intake (one in 3 of the 5.25" bays and one in lower front (of the of the HDDs)); one rear exhaust, and 1 top rear exhaust? That config works well on my CM-690 (original).
    Of course you could always add more if four doesn't work for you.
  2. i cant use a fan in the drive bays as I've got 2 dvd drives and a memory card reader in there so that would be a no go. Atm I have an intake in the very front, an intake at the bottom, and exhaust at the back and top, and I'm not too sure what the psu is doing. I have plenty of spare sythe's left over from previous build for friends so I just thought I'd love to get them all put in there to help keep my i7 cool, and the 6970 when it arrives :D

    Thanks for the input ;)
  3. I have a 690II and added another 140mm top exhaust and another 120mm on the lower side panel mount.Ideally i could've put a 140mm there but the 120mm was sitting around.
    Experiment and find out what works best for you since you have fans layin about.
  4. Could you do me a favour Davcon and look in your case and see if it is actually possible to install 2 bottom fans whilst keeping the hdd rack in? It might just be me with some wierd thinking lol. Cheers for the input
  5. Won't work unless hdd cage comes out.
    That set-up is there ideally for a rad.
    I'm not a proponent of bottom mount intake fans anyways.
    Reason is the amount of build-up i get in the psu filter.
    Which is enough to take up knitting.
    And a PITA cuz you have to remove your psu to clean the filter. bugger!
    I like the idea of mounting an intake fan on the back of the hdd cage though.
    I've used that mounting in my 902 and it dropped my gpu temp by 2-3C.
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