First Build, $600

Hey everyone!
I pretty much lurked the forums for the past few months to get all of the various knowledge I have about builds now. Just about all of my questions were answered by searching, hence my low number of posts.

But now I'm done. My very first build. I don't do much of anything on my computer, because I have a Mac Pro for my CAD and InDesign work, so this is just for my general use etc.

So my budget was to build a low powered machine for under $500, but ended up spending $600 on a fairly powerful machine (heck it stacks up close to my Pro!) The computer, under a typical load, stays ice cold with all of the fans. Most are on about half speed.

Intel Core i5 670 3.47GHz
Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600MHz
Intel DP55WB Motherboard
Thermaltake SpinQ CPU fan
500GB Seagate HDD, 32MB Cache
Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD5450
OCZ ModXStream 700W
3x 120mm fans (Front, Side, Back)
2x 140mm fans (Top)

Here are just a couple of quick shots I snapped with my phone, I'll take some better ones (and maybe a video?) and follow up with them sometime this weekend.

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  1. Nice build, why a 5450? Prob could of got a larger HDD but it would of probably broke your budget. I got my setup for around 500, its a good price range. Anyways neat setup.
  2. Video card and HDD will be the first things to upgrade, when it's time. I got that card because I paid almost nothing for it (bought from a friend who bought the wrong type of card) I probably couldn't have bought a low end card for what I paid for that one :)

    So in due time (when I save some more back up) I'll be getting a nicer one. Thanks!
  3. You have a nice setup for "general use" its more than sufficient for hardcore video/audio editing maybe some 3D stuff with the 5450. Also is it passive (your 5450)? You could turn this into a HTPC build if you have a nice TV. Than you setup would be perfect with a couple more HDDs for live recording. But what are you planning on doing with it? If you want to game i would recommend a 5770 or above anything below might bottleneck. If you just going to poke around on the internet use average apps and such than keep the 5450.
  4. Well, until I get rid of the old Mac then this is just an internet machine, more or less. By the time I'm ready to off the Mac, I'll be upgrading this one. For now though, it's the most powerful PC machine I've ever owned. I'm actually quite impressed!
  5. You should be impressed you have some good hardware in it, I'm guessing your running Windows 7 right? I cant see your photos BTW. W7 is much better than Vista and XP, i actually got it to run on a 10 year old Dell Dimension 4000 (i think) laptop and its quicker than the old copy of XP. I don't know what graphics card you Mac Pro has but if you upgrade and your just planning on doing design stuff than a 5670 should be more than enough, there are always workstation graphics too.
  6. I'm not even sure of the card. Pretty basic one whatever it is. Was standard issue on the ole plastic ones.

    And yes, 7 Enterprise 64-Bit

    I'll look into the 56xx series!
  7. in general these are probably around what you need, I would actually go passive if i were you, it would really cut down on noise but they are more expensive. thats a workstation graphics card, i don't know your budget but thats fairly cheap. I don't exactly know what im looking at for workstation graphics but here they are Here is a review of the 5760 it idles super cool 12C and maxes out pretty chill too (below 35C)
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