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Can 1024x768 montior handle 5770 or 5750?

i want to know if i can get 5770 if anyone told me to get a hd montior..
but i'm kinda on budget and kinda want to play now at max out setting
for game..i hope anyone can advise me for my pc.. mine's gigabyte 890gx
955 be,4gb gskill and my corsair 750tx..hmm. i hope i can get it solved without
wasting on new montior.
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  1. My 4670 can handle my 1280x1024 monitor.

    The question should be worded as "Can a 5770 or 5750 handle 1024x768 resolution monitor" and the answer is yes.
  2. really?? other website forum say i have to get a new montior for it or it will be bottleneckin 5770
  3. Well, then the other forum is dead wrong as these cards perform beautifully until 1680 by 1050 res.
  4. Bottleneck? Resolution does not bottlecap anything. The word bottleneck isn't even affiliated with resolution.

    If anything, the cards your getting is an overkill for your resolution. Get a 5670 or 5650 if you really wish to save money.
  5. allright. i feel little better now. i wish there was a manual for 5770 for res.
  6. At 10 x 7 the CPU is going to be doing most of the work but at 12 x 10 to 16 x10 the workload will shift toward the GPU and at 19 x10 and above the 5770 will most likely struggle a bit.
  7. mine's phenom II x4 955 black edition oced 3.6 ghz
  8. is this good enough?
  9. amdpcfreak2010 said:
    is this good enough?

    At 10 x 7 resolution it's still going to be doing most of the work and if you are playing a game that's CPU orientated then you are going to get a less than smooth experience.
  10. yea i'm using for gaming. so... that mean i have to get a new montior?
  11. That would be best, a 19 x 10 monitor should last you for a few years.
  12. well. i wanna max games out. that's it.
  13. oh man.. i dont wanna waste any money on new montior beside i have to save $$$ for christmas..that sux.
  14. allright..i guess i can get montior and i will have to wait for new 6000 series end of year
  15. Hmm. With your setup, the 5770 will max out all games at that res, even crysis and maybe even metro. Though for 1080P it will start to lag, in which at least 1 5850 is needed for smooth game-play on all high settings.

    Its do-able, but you have a great and modern system there, why would you want to use a 5-year monitor and hold it back? Its like running a Ferrari with toy car tires.
  16. I'm not sure you need a new monitor.
    Look at some benchmarks for the games you play.
    Regardless of which (CPU or GPU) is doing the work, a higher resolution will ALWAYS be slower than a lower resolution.
    If, as at your current 10x7 resolution, a game is slow, the bottleneck is more likely to be at the CPU, so a faster GPU won't make much difference. A HD5670 should do quite well at that resolution, especially if you're willing to turn AA off.
    At 1920x1080, most likely the bottleneck will have shifted to the GPU, so a faster one WILL matter. Depending on your games, you probably won't want less than a HD5770, and you may still wish to turn AA off.
  17. then it's settled i have to get a new monitor. any brand recommended? and 200 price range is my budget...
  18. i would like to have 5870 but it's soo expensive! forget it lol instead i can try to get a hd monitor for a 5770 so i can get a full potential of gpu.
  19. also i heard 890gx are good for 5770 crossfire from newegg reviews.
  20. Assuming from your title that your current monitor is indeed 1024x768, if you want to get maximum performance out of that resolution, nothing more than a HD5750 is needed, or you could choose a HD5670 on a budget.
    If you want to have 1920x1080 resolution, then yes that obviously means a new monitor. Depending on your games and whether or not you are willing to lower any settings (you say "max" so perhaps not), you would probably want a GTX460 or a HD5850; OR a pair of HD5770s in Crossfire. Why not get one HD5770, and see how it does? You can always add a second one for Crossfire if you need more performance.
    You never did say what games you play...
  21. battlefield bad company 2, transformers war on cybertron, call of duty world at war, star craft 2.. i will buy more other games later..after i have gotten video card and montior
  22. i want to play final fantasy 14, front mission evolved, fable 3, and dead space 2,too..
  23. Best answer
    That's probably a good monitor; it looks a lot like the one I got, but without HDMI.


    And my review of it back in February:

    Pros: No dead pixels. Uniform brightness edge to edge. Viewing angles very good. Good price. Stand seems sturdy enough. Perfectly clear at native resolution. Fantastic amount of room on my Windows Desktop, and Guild Wars looks great.

    Cons: I'd prefer a more center-mounted power button; care is needed not to turn the monitor when pressing the button on this one.

    Other Thoughts: Using DVI connection from a HD4850. I have not tried the speakers, but I didn't plan to use them.

    Since then, nothing has happened to or with it to alter my 5-star rating.
  24. You might consider a 1920 x 1200 resolution. It is 16:10, which is much more aesthetically pleasing for office and desktop use. Works great for games. I know that's a bit subjective, but 16:10 is much closer to the golden ratio which is scientifically proven to be more aesthetic than 16:9. I use 1920 x 1200 and It's great. I find them much moire "balanced" and elegant.

    Or maybe I'm just a freak who takes it too seriously.
  25. For some reason, that seems to add another $80-$100 to the price.
  26. I buy my monitors used. Much cheaper, and I have never had a dead pixel. But if I ever did, I would be able to return it through eBay/amazon to the vendor--unlike NEWEGG, which will not even refund a monitor if it has less than 8 dead pixels.
  27. Yeah, there's a lot to be said for buying monitors from a brick-and-mortar where you can return it. I'll admit I've been lucky with the monitors I've bought from Newegg.
  28. allright. so i have to get a monitor. thank god i have a good hdmi cable :p
  29. allright i will find a one with a hdmi slot.
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