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Hi all,

So after figuring out that I want to configure my SSD as a cache for my 500GB drive which contains my OS/Program's, I'm struggling to get it working.

Following this link;

Ive configured RAID in BiOS, installed fresh OS, I get to the stage where I have to download the latest 'Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver' however, there are loads of them...which one do I use?

If you follow this link, you'll see that there are 18 similar drivers.


I'm running windows 7, dell mobo (H77 chipset), i7 3770k... Could somebody point me in the right direction?!
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  1. Just download the latest (this one looks to be the most fresh one so far). You should always download latest drivers.
    If it won't work (which is highly unlikely to happen), you can always just try others. It's not like your HDD/SSD would explode if you install older/wrong drivers, lol. %)
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