I just recent bought a P8Z68-V motherboard and made my new computer. Internet works perfectly but my issue is iI can not dl anything from my lan. dling from the internet works fine too and Im using this computer to post this but whenever i try to dl from lan it drops my connections picks it up and keeps repeating it and wont let me dl from it. I made a friends com with this same mobo and i had the same issue but since he didnt need lan I thought nothing of it so Im certain its the motherboard. Any help would be appreciated thank you. and yes drivers are up to date. Im running windows 7 64 bit
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  1. ps sorry for the double post
  2. ps i found out their has been similiar issues with the network card thats on the mobo 82579v but i cant seem to find anything to fix it if known please let me know ;D ty
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