Cooler master gx 750

im running a core 2 quad q6600 @ 2.4 stock cooler

6 gigs of ram

p5k deluxe soon

gx 750 watt powersupply

thermal take suprano rs case

seagate 320 gig hard-drive sata2

geforce 7300 gs (soon to be a gtx 285 or ati 5770 or 5850)

need to know ur toughts on this powersupply thanks

if it gives enought power for this specific setup thanks
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  1. should be more than enough mate :)
  2. yes i understood that already but i was wondering about other people experience with the powersupply , thanks for the reply tho but u do not state why u recommand it thnxs
  3. I recommend AGAINST it, davcon already posted the two reviews i usually reference, but it fails ATX spec when at moderate load levels which is horrible, ATX spec if pretty loose and it still cant pull it off. There are similarly priced units like the Corsair 750TX and the 750W units from XFX that are much much better.

    From the Hardware Secrets review
    "...t is only safe to run this new Cooler Master unit up to 450 W."
    Thats pretty bad for a 750W unit.
  4. Davcon knows his stuff when it comes to PSU's and cases, id recommend against any CM PSU in a high end setup.

    For about the same price id recommend these:

    But id say some of the best value high end ones are:
  5. ok ive already bought it, can i still power up a 5870 thanks
  6. iceclock said:
    ok ive already bought it, can i still power up a 5870 thanks

    Well yes probably, but not for long or with any degree of efficiency. Id refund it.
  7. cant refund it , but it got a 1 year warranty instore , should i still buy a new videocard?
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    Ultimately it's your gear and your decision.
    Could be detrimental to the longevity of your hardware.
    Will your psu run a 5870?
    Yes! I agree with what ares1214 said in his last post.
    A 5870 consumes close to 200W on full load next to nothing on idle.
    I wouldn't play with the cpu as far as oc'ing goes.
    Just budget for a replacement psu sooner then later.
    Btw thanks for the kind words ares1214!
    I appreciate it!:)
  9. ok thanks , cheers
  10. well i found good reviews for this powersupply, basically there mixes reviews, i think its very capable under 550 watts, anything over it overheats ur right, ill change it probably for a gold rated ps or the platinum when they come out, i know ill have to shell extra but peace of mind has no price :D, and i bought a mugen2 rev b to overclock, and a extra case fan a cm sickleflow fan blowing on the cpu
  11. A 750W unit should be very capable up to 750W, if its only capable up to 550W what benefit does it have over the Seasonic S12II 520W unit thats a bit over half the cost but is capable beyond 550W?

    Btw, what good review did you find of it? I havent seen any reputable sites give it a good review, it even failed the 3.3V ripple in the Tom's review, which is done in a Cooler Master facility, oopsie!
  12. here:

    it says it does well but under 550, i dont beleive it can do 550watts, anyways heres another link

    and one more:

    well given that im stuck with this ps atleast i know it wont blow up on me , obviously im gonna upgrade it within a year, but i just upgraded the cooling and the mobo on my pc so ya not anythime soon
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