Samsung 840 Series 250GB

Looking to buy an ssd and saw the pricecut on tigerdirect look like a steal for the price tell me what u think.

And on the Tom's Hardware's SSD Hierarchy Chart,3269-6.html

It seems to be 4th on the list would this be an excellent buy given the price? I only use my pc for gaming hope that helps
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  1. You just missed a better buy on the 256 gig Crucial m4 $160.
    As much as I love Tom's I do not take much stock in their tier ratings on SSDs.
    I prefer the Crucial M4 or the Samsung 830 to the 840. 840 Pro a different story, but much more expensive.
    The M4 and the 830 have an outsanding reliability/Least user problems track record.

    First, You will NOT see a diff in real life day-2-day performance btween M4, 830 or 840. My primary reason for taking the M4 or 830 over the 840 (none pro) is that the 840 uses a New tri-cell nand I it has NOT been on the market long enoug to determine reliability (Probable great, but is unproven as of yet).

    I have:
    3 M4's (2 x 128 gig and one 256 gig)
    3 830's (2 x 128 gig and one 256 gig)
    1 840 Pro
    2 (UGH) 120 gig Agility IIIs.
    Plus a 6 of the older sata II SSDs
  2. May i ask why u have so many of them like geeze man
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    My hobby, also have more pocket change than brains.
    PS, as I indicated I prefer other SSDs, But @ that price the 840 should be a good buy.
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