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HDTV resolution and graphics card help


I recently just built my own pc got it up and running last night. I'm using a 32in vizio hdtv as my monitor and it just doesn't look as nice as I expected it to be. Is that a problem with me or the equipment I have.

I have a GEforce GTX 460 plugged into my Vizio via hdmi.

Any help would be awesome I'm sure it is due to the card I bought.

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    Make sure that the TV is receiving the input as whatever you have set in nvidia control panel (alot of people have been disappointed with going from an lcd to a TV - blurriness, not crisp - this is typical - if this is the case with you, does it look ok when viewing from couch distance?).
  2. The problem generally is you can't sit up close to a TV. If you are less than 6 feet away, the screen is gona be blurry

    Check it out.....ideal viewing distance for 32" LCD is 8 feet
  3. Thanks a ton you two I did figure that out didn't even think about it like that...I just set it to a lower resolution so I can actually read things when close to it...I was worried it wasn't going to look nice for games I finally got one installed and realized what was going on after some more research thank you!!!!
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