GTX 560 ti :crysis max FPS 30?

Hi, i recently bought a EVGA superclocked GTX 560 Ti and i tested it out on Crysis but i only got a max of about 30 FPS. Looking at reviews i should be at about an average of 45 FPS or so. My CPU is 2.33 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo not OC. I think it's time i get a new CPU, assuming that's the reason why i am getting so little FPS. My budget is only about $150. I was looking at the AMD Athlon II X4 640, but if someone can suggest a better CPU for gaming in that price range, that'd be great. Thanks!
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  1. It's a g33m02 found in the Dell 530s. I'd say it's about 3 years old. It's not a computer I built myself or anything. I'm mainly just upgrading little by little.

    Also, I edited the first post stating the CPU I'm interested in.
  2. ...and what if i was to upgrade the mobo?
  3. You cant put an amd in your intel socket. You will have to stick to intel unless you change your motherboard also.
  4. If your upgrading both wait til Sandy bridge or bulldozer is out.
  5. what price range am I looking at with the SB model? I would like to keep my current mobo if possible.
  6. If it's 3 years old then you can't put a Sandy Bridge CPU in that motherboard
  7. If i were you i'd return that gtx 560 and save it on a new system. Your cpu and motherboard is not good enough its bottlenecking the gtx 560. GTX 560 is a decent card especialy in SLI. Your going to need a new motherboard if your gonna go with Sandy Bridge. Plus you can't get them right now until April i believe.
  8. Sounds like your on a budget so just get a CPU that is supported on your motherboard. Look it up on the CPU support list on your motherboards support site.
  9. Is VSync on? Although the CPU is definitely holding you back, try running with VSync off (in the game settings and NVidia Control Panel) to get every last FPS out that you can. It may cause screen tearing though (horizontal lines running across the screen) which may or may not bother you.
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