Bios flash update gone horribly wrong

Against my better judgement my buddy decide it be a good idea to attempt a bios flash update when he has no earthly clue about anything dealing with computers. Now it seems like his power supply or motherboard is shot. Idk if its that or if its jus his cmos chip being unresponsive. He turned the pc off partially through what he was doing with a program. If I could get some information, advice, or an idea of how a ballpark range of how much anyone would guestimate Asus would charge to repair said problem that would be very helpfull. I will provide more specifics on the motherboard, processor, laptop model, etc upon request. Thanks in advance.
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  1. get motherboard info and check the web for a replacement bios chip - depending on the board there may be a replacement available. Secondly, if it's an old board (4 or 5 years old) why not just build a new machine? Think the vendor for replacement bios chips is BIOSMAN, or something similar to that. Good Luck with it.
  2. If it's a laptop, then you can't do much about it. Contact Asus or get a replacement motherboard if the laptop is worth it.
  3. I'll contact Asus and see if they are able to supply a replacement bios chip. If it will do no good I think a motherboard replacement would be the best option. The computer cost roughly 1300$ after taxes etc and the graphics card is bordering on the power of an average Dual GPU so i'm thinking its probably worth dropping cash on it to get fixed. Thanks for the replies thusfar, It has given me great insight. I'll get the information from my buddy tonight and post an update w/ his information
  4. Was he actually flashing the BIOS when he powered off the PC? The title leads us to believe that's what happened, but the post itself is not that clear on what program was being used.
  5. He used the official bios update program through Windows and yes he shut it down partially through when it was completing
  6. That's really bad. I doubt the BIOS chip is replaceable on a laptop, but Asus should still be able to flash it for a fee.
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