After ATI update display is screwed up

Hi all,

I have an HTPC setup in which a the computer is connected to a 50 inch 1080p Samsung Plasma through an ATI 4870. I updated the drivers for the card today, and after the restart the screen overlaps the actual area of the TV screen.

Before, for pixel rotation, there was always a band or black around the screen (not terribly noticeable), but everything fit on the screen, just fine and dandy. Now I can only see the top half of the windows bar, the top right corner of the windows 7 start button, and the image takes up the whole screen.

Beyond the obscuring of the icons (which is annoying) I am worried about burn in etc. If someone could help that would be great.

Help me Obi are my only hope.
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  1. Did you update drivers by downloading and installing from or through Windows Update? Also, you can always uninstall the drivers and go back to the previous (can even try 'rolling back' the drivers if you did not delete them).
  2. I actually did it through Steam, which now will download the drivers for you.

    How do you go back to the previous version?
  3. You can either go "Add/Remove Programs" and go to Catalyst Install manager and remove CCC and the video driver and then reinstall the old ones, or you can go into device manager and go to your Graphics card and select 'roll back driver' (though that will not uninstall CCC).
  4. Thank you.

    I actually figured out a way to do it through the TV as well. I just set the screen as fit to screen instead of 16:9.
  5. Well, glad you found it. That is the best way to fix it.
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