Monitor shuts off after a period of time of no mouse..

I just paid $300 for this tri core system. When the monitor goes on, the machine is good and a vast improvement over my old Del Dimension 5150. However it is very frustrating to see the monitor go black after I've been away from the computer. Why doesn't the screensaver just go on anyways? I jiggle the mouse, and push the button on the side of the monitor (Proview 17") and nothing happens. So I push the reset button on my machine which tells windows and the system that windows did not shut down normally. This is a pain. If the monitor goes black when I'm away, I should be able to push the button on the side of the monitor and everything should immediately appear. What can be done about this? It takes 10-15 minutes to reboot and get the monitor. Any thoughts are appreciated. I just bought this, so should I return it?
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  1. Hi, I have a Proview 17" screen. I'm Using Windows 7. Proview model 780 circa 2002. Obviously it is working fine right now. It's so frustrating when it won't turn on.
  2. We need more info -- video card, etc. If it's a pre-built system, give us the manufacturer and model number.
  3. Hi, in my windows settings under Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings

    there are 2 drop downs. One for turn off display. This was set to 30 minutes. I selected Never.

    The other dropdown asks when to tell the computer to go to sleep. I selected 30 minutes. What does this have to do with the screensaver? Will it come on? If it goes into sleep mode in 30 minutes, how does it get out of sleep mode? If I just hit a key on the keyboard, will that take it out of sleep mode?
  4. To go out of the sleep mode, you have to press the PC power button once again.

    The monitor going black is the monitor's energy saving feature which happens when the PC do not send video signal to it. Some monitor will have standby light blinking to show it is still on but in the sleep mode. It should automatically go back to life once the signal from the PC returns after you "wake" it up.

    PS: It is good practice to set "turn off display" after 20 minutes. This will save you energy as well as extend the lifetime of your monitor.
  5. The monitor was turning off, and it doesn't come back on. That's the problem. If I select NEVER then the screensaver should just save the monitor's life. But the screensaver isn't coming on. And I'm not interested in booting this machine 10 times every morning...
  6. Just do what I do:

    Turn the sleep setting to Never. Turn the monitor setting to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes your monitor will go blank. Wiggling the mouse or hitting a key on the keyboard will make the monitor light up again.

    That way you don't have to worry about the sleep bug keeping your monitor from turning back on.
  7. If Windows 7 RC = the Release Candidate ... didn't that stop working a long time ago?

    I've used the settings outlined in my post above with three different Win7 computers and never had a problem. The monitor shuts off after 15 minutes but nothing else does, and it turns back on just fine. No need to reboot or anything.
  8. Ok, I changed my settings to sleep never and monitor off in 15 minutes. But that doesn't explain why I have to boot it several times from a cold boot for the system to see the monitor. Are the drivers just getting lost on windows bootup? Is this a BUG in windows? If so, is there a patch? Does Microsoft know about it? I would think so if this were really the case.
  9. So you're saying that if you turn off the machine for a while and boot it back up, nothing comes up on the monitor? How do you know it's actually booting up?

    Who did you get the 'new' tri-core system from? Do you know for sure that it worked before you got it?
  10. That sleep bug was long time ago with RC. Now on some system especially ASUS boards if the standby jumper is not moved on the motherboard it will not supply voltage to the USB in sleep mode and this will confuse the system. Turning off sleep may fix your problem immediately, but then you have a computer thats on all the time when it does not need to be. To try to eliminate this problem this is a work around for some systems by simply going to Device manager and selecting properties for your mouse and keyboard you will find under power management a box for (allow this device to wake computer) if you untick this on both keyboard and mouse it will solve the problem of the computer getting stuck the way you are describing if that is even the problem. It could work and its simple to test. Now after you untick those the only way to wake the computer will be the power button.

    I set mine up like this anyway because sometimes my cat hits the mouse or walks on the keyboard so this way it can't be woke up unless I do it with the power button.

    To test after you do that simply go to start and if you click next to shut down it brings up other option click sleep and see if you are still having issues.

    Also this could be the oppisite problem where those boxes are unticked if they are then try to enable it and see if you can wake it that way.
  11. Quote:

    Turn off hibernation, Sleep screensaver everything. Are you running Windows 7 RC?

    LOL diggle I have yet to see you add one useful piece of info in any thread. This bug existed in the beginnings of beta testing of Win 7 and has been fixed a long time ago. Most peoples problems with the system locking up in sleep is an improper hardware setup. Like I mentioned in my other post some motherboards need a jumper moved to supply the standby power to the USB and Ps2 ports this is mainly on older motherboards.
  12. I have to hit the enter key twice and then I can hear it go into Windows 7 Ultimate. I can hear the windows startup sound in my speakers. My machine is a custom PC. I don't know who the manafacturers are for hd. I have yet to explore the setup area. I would do this if I could see the screem so I can get in there.
  13. Change your settings to sleep never AND monitor off never... That should fix the problem.When the PC sleeps you have to press the power button to wake it up, atleast thats how it works for me. When the monitor is off it should wake up just with a move of the mouse : /
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