Can u hlp me plz?

ok.i have the m2n mx se plus motherboard with amd 64 x2 2.4 ghz. if i get a phenom x4 9850 cpu which is supported by the board can i play crysis 2,witcher 2,black ops in max settings. if not suggest me some high speed cpu and motherboards supported to play these games with suitable gpus.plz dont mind the budget,list the names from the cheapest to the psu is of 450 watt.ram is 3 gb.
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  1. first of all you have to upgrade your psu and if you buy core i5 cpu it will worth alot and a nvedia gpu gtx 570 or higher
  2. You have an old PC. You will have to basically rebuild your PC to play those games at full detail. Even if you get a decent new GPU the CPU wil bottleneck you.
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