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I am looking into installing windows 7 on a SSD and have a HDD to store extra files or whatever else that is not needed on a SSD. Does anybody know the recommended settings or a list that are needed to be done to windows 7 so I can get the best performance out of my SSD. Please help if you can. Thanks! :D
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  1. If your SSD is 120GB and larger then all you basically need to do is have the port that your drive is connected to in AHCI mode, and then run WEI after you've installed Windows. Windows will automatically disable defrag all on SSDs it detects when WEI is run.

    If your SSD is less than 120GB then their are various tips and tweaks you can do to recover drive space.
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    Check this link for a plethora of useful SSD info:
  3. That is what I am looking for. Great tips. Thank you for reply.
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