Sleep instead of hibernate causes no POST on gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3

I wanted to program a button on my keyboard to put the computer to sleep. Worked fine in Vista but the same command puts the computer into hibernate instead. According to sevenforum, you have to disable hibernate. So I do, but then the computer wouldn't resume from s3 sleep.

Instead, it turns on for a half second and immediately shuts off. After 5 seconds this cycle of frustration repeats forever. I took everything out of the board and still no change. PSU appears to work, changed PSU, same result. I reset the cmos jumper and it worked fine. After it happened again I reset cmos jumper, I realized it wasn't a fluke. I enable hibernate and it hasn't crashed since. But I don't want to hibernate, I want S3 sleep.

I'm pretty sure it's not a bad PSU but I think it might be related to something with the PSU and power. Otherwise it's a motherboard or windows 7 problem. Motherboard is set to s3 sleep mode. What command can I assign to the shortcut to make it go to sleep and not hibernate?

Here are the specs

gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3
ocz 750w zs PSU
gtx460 (tried with and without it)
WD caviar black HD
windows 7 pro sp1
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  1. TO be honest I wouldnt use sleep or hibernate on any system. They both have no end of problems and bugs going from windows xp to vista and now win 7.
    For the few seconds your saving on a boot from sleep mode it's not really worth the hassle if it goes wrong.
  2. Otherwise check gigabyts website for a bios update, i've seen a few over the years fix resume from suspend issues.
  3. I just recovered from the same problem. Like you i had to reset cmos just to post... I also have a gigabyte z68 chipset and same cpu and windows..... It eventually would not post... wouldnt even recognize my ps2 keyboard to hit delete to go back into bios.... I think it corrupted the bios but not sure on that since i flashed the bios. after the flash, it was running fine for a week so i'm sure it wasnt my fault... only F'd up after trying to awake from sleep. I'm just going to completely disable sleep mode and stop being lazy and just shut down everytime i need to.
  4. btw i had to rma my ga-z68x-ud4-b3.... so you might want to just give up the whole sleep mode idea if you don't wanna deal with RMA cuz you might eventually get the problem i had and the comp wouldn't even POST
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