How is the 5000 series compared to the 4000....

Hello folks,

I bought this graphics card close to 2 years ago. It is starting to fail a bit, and not handling multiple monitors very well. And when I can finally get the computer to boot with it, It blue screens my almost new windows 7 installation due to heat issues. The CPU and Mother board are running cool according to my tests, but the Graphics card is always burning hot. So I am deciding on a different card.

I'd like to be able run World of Warcraft in max settings. (like I always have). I am a Web Designer, and currently rock 2 24 inch monitors at 1920 x 1200 resolution. I would like to have near what I had before (1gb memory ram and 256bits I would like to only spend about $130 - $150.

My question is, now that the 5000 series is out, how does it match up with the card that I have?

I'm looking at this:



and finally, this:

How does the news 5000 series stack up against the old 4870 series? Can I get the same push from a 5770 that I could from my 4870?

Advice? Oppinions?
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  1. The 5770 is the best deal even though it's not really an upgrade!
    All the others are big downgrades..
  2. This has become a bit outdated already.,2697.html

    Today, in your price range, I'd grab the GTS 450. A decent 5770 is $145 and as the article below says:

    "a single $129 GeForce GTS 450 can outperform an AMD Radeon HD 5750 and match the 5770,"
  3. Thanks for your reponses.

    @plznote, so is this 5770 at least comparable?

    @JackNaylorPE, so what specific card would you recommend?
  4. The GTs 450 and the 5770 are on par with the 4870.
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