Should i go in for upgrade?

hey guys!! :hello:

kindly help me out here

i have following config on my 3yr old system

amd athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 ghz
asus m2ne mobo
1x2gb ddr2 ram @ 800mhz
xfx 8600 gts
2x250 gb sata II hdd

i am planning to upgrade this to -

amd phenom II x4 955be
asus m4a87td usb3
2 gb ddr3
xfx 5770
500gb seagate momentous xt hybrid drive

will i be able to get better performance than my current system?
is it worthwhile to upgrade??

i will use it for moderate gaming and want to stick with amd and asus
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  1. as for the Hard Drive, i'd go w/ a smaller SSD for the OS and programs, and a traditional HD for everything else (even some non-intensive programs)

    if your going w/ the Phenom II x4 955, make sure its the C3 stepping.

    you also didn't say what your PSU was. If its the one that came w/ the case i recommend you switching it out w/ a reputable brand.
    To see how many Watts you need check out Calculator

    i'd recommend 4 gb of RAM. That seems to be the gaming standard now.
    Also, (i didn't check) but make sure your mobo supports SATA III. It allows for faster throughput than your older AM2 board.
  2. plz explain "C3" stepping

    i am goin for a corsair vx 550w

    the mobo i mentioned does support sata and usb3

    the upgrade would be worthit right??
  3. stepping is just a design change. C = second major change and 3 is the third minor change from the original (A0)
    this article explains more;

    having an upgrade be 'worth it' is subjective
    what are you using the pc for?
    if your just playing WOW then no, prob. not.
    If your playing the latest and greatest games, ect. then it probably is, depending on if you have a high enough screen resolution (anything below 1920x1080 prob. won't take full advantage of the hardware)
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