Motherboard, Processor, RAM upgrade. Advice/Troubleshoot Needed

Hello Tom's Hardware Community and thank you for reading my post. Let's get right to it.

Current build:

ASRock K10N780SLIx3 Motherboard

Phenom 9850 Black 2.5 Quad AM2+

4 (2x2)GB DDR2-1066; 5-5-5-15@2.2V

WD Black 640GB 32mb cache 7200rpm

DVD+/-RW blah blah

Kingwin Mach 1 1000W ATX/BTX Modular PSU

EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256-bit GPU

7.1 audio blah blah

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

What I am looking to do is replace the defective motherboard (or processor, I've replaced every other part to no avail) which causes my freeze up issue. Since replacing the motherboard jeopardizes all my other components, I was forced to upgrade the processor and RAM accordingly. I kind of volunteered to go ahead and upgrade the CPU and RAM since buying a motherboard compliant with all my parts would be buying a 3 year old motherboard.

The new components are described below:

MSI 870A-G54 motherboard

Phenom II x3 740 CPU

Hyper 212+ Heatsink

4GB 2x2 DDR3-1600; 8-8-8-24@1.65V

*Keeping the PSU, GPU, DVD, HDD, etc. as describe under current build.

My question to you is whether you are feeling gracious enough to layout a guide for me. This guide should include:

After connecting all the parts to the motherboard,

A)Installing motherboard drivers on the new board.

B)Reinstalling Windows 7 (if necessary; when I will need to do so)

C)Manually setting RAM timers, latency (overclock is necessary for mobo to utilize 1600MHz)

I love you, Tom's Hardware community. Thanks in advance for your kindness.
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    That covers pretty much everything, and has links to other things farther down that go more in depth on certain topics.
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