Computer freezes when HDD is connected


So my dads laptop blue screened, I figured I should reformat since it had been a while, after attempting to reformat it got stuck at 22%,

I decided to try with a different DvD in case that was the problem, on the first try it wouldn't load and on the second it got stuck at 7%.

After that I suspected his HDD. I decided I should plug it in to my computer and run disk check to check for bad sectors,

so I shut my computer down, plugged it in, my computer got stuck at booting, (the windows flag would just stay there)

so I unplugged his HDD and it started fine,

I tried booting with my data HDD as I had unplugged it because I was too lazy to look for my Sata cords and it worked fine,

so I booted without my dads HDD and decided to plug it in once Windows had started, but as soon as I plug it in my computer freezes. Is his HDD bad ?

MY main drive is 120GB SSD

and my data drive is a 1TB HDD 3.5'

my dads HDD is 250GB 2.5'
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  1. sounds like it...a hard drive should not hang any system.
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