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Which card should I get .

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Hello , I'm Looking for a good graphics card around 130 $ with / or with out power supply .
It would be nice if you find both. Thank you. My PSU is 300 watt.
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  1. Without changing your PSU then GT240 or HD5670 are good card for you, and those card are around $100 or less.... :)
  2. And I also have standard psu with only one 4 pin connector and no pci connectors .
  3. That Gigabyte HD5670 looks like the best deal for you if you are in Canada.
  4. But the XFX one is good as well, you can look from it's reviews, that card got 5 stars... :)
  5. With shipping the XFX card is $16.50 more. The cooling on the Gigiabyte card looks significantly better and is likely quieter as well.
  6. But, what about the OP PCIE slot version?
    Because if he has 1.0 or 1.1 version then he'll better with XFX HD5670 2.0...
  7. Yeah, maybe, if there isn't a BIOS update to cover it. Would need to know the motherboard to see if it is an issue though.
  8. @OP: Tell us your full specs...
  9. Alright guys here's my specs
    PSU 300 Watt Standard (SHITEST) Lite-On [PS-6301-08A]
    Here's rails i belive
    +5v (20A MAX)
    +5(sb) (2A MAX)
    -12 (0.5A MAX)
    +3.3 (20A MAX)
    +12v1 (10A MAX)
    +12v2 (13A MAX)

    Note : No pci connectors . 4 pin molex only 1 .

    And that's what a paid 900 $ 7 month ago .

    I would build a good computer for the money.

    Ok i have to go now , ask me if you need any details . Thanks for the help :)
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    I see your mobo already has DDR3, so i'm pretty sure that your PCIe slot is 2.0, so get that Gigabyte HD5670 2.1 version, just like jyjjy said above.

    HD5670 is much faster than HD4350. :)
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