Which graphic card??? old quadro or GT 240

Hey i recently upgrade my computer from core 2 duo to I7 950

My question is, i am a professional photographer, i use my computer mostly for lightroom, photoshop, indesign, and illustrator.

I used to go to school for 3d animation thats why i have the Quadro fx1500 on my core 2 duo comp.

So my new motherboard is asus p6t which is PCIe 2.0
So i bought the GT 240

But would the quadro work on the PCIe 2.0 slot?

I know the Quadro fx 1500 is equivalent to the geforce 8600, and the GT 240 have more mem, and faster on games.
and photoshop require mostly cpu and ram, but which one is optimal for working with photos?

If anything ill stick with the GT 240, and try loading a game just for the heck of it. ;)

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  1. Stay with GT240, it's good enough for Photoshop and others 3D or animation works...
    Also you can do some decent gaming with GT240, meanwhile Quadro can't do much when it comes to gaming. :)
  2. Actually the GT240 will be best for both uses as the FX 1500 is based on a cut down G71 and the threading disadvantages that it has makes any driver scripts pointless for this architecture. So go for the GT240 as it is best for both uses hands down.
  3. SWEET
  4. if i recall a gt 240 is roughly around as good as a 8600 gts which is better than the fx1500 and should play most games at medium settings and doesnt use much power and has really low temperatures. ideal for Photoshop.
  5. Allhan it is near a 9600gt not 8600 gts and for cuda it would be allot better 96 cores vs 32 sooooo allooooot better 8600 gts would be close to 9500 gt but 9500 would beat it ... 240 should be quite good at cuda stuffies but not a wonderful gamer as they castrated some of the rops for some dumb reason..

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