P8Z68-V PRO Win 7 USB 2.0 Drive Problem

I just built a new system:

ASUS P8Z68-V PRO board - new 0902 BIOS installed, along with all ASUS chipset & driver sw.
Intel i5 2500K CPU
Patriot Gamer 2 Series 8GB DDR3 1600 (2x4GB)
OCZ ZS Series OCZ-ZS750W 750W Power Supply
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 550 Ti video card
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler
Windows 7 64-bit, SP1

I have two external USB 2.0 hard drives that were working just fine on my other machine. When I plug them into the rear USB 2.0 ports on the MB, they seem to randomly connect and disconnect, and not at the same time, typically when they are being accessed. In device manager, I've disabled power savings on all USB root hubs. In advanced power settings, I've disabled USB selective suspend.

This is not happening with any other USB attached devices (mouse, keyboard, webcam). I know, because when it happens on the drives, I hear those USB connect/disconnect sounds. I've tried moving the drives to different rear ports, but no change. Some times, after rebooting, one or both drives does not come online. If they do, I get a popup asking if I want to explore contects, etc.
One of the drives has a double USB connector on the cable for additional power. It would not run at all if both USBs were not plugged in.

I did find a Microsoft KB and hotfix related to these exact symptoms back in 2009. However, it was specifically for an NVIDIA chipset, and was incorporated into Win 7 service pack 1, which I have installed.

Any ideas on next steps? Thanks.
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  1. As I hadn't received any suggestions, I grudgingly took apart my new machine and exchanged my motherboard for the same model. Problem solved.
  2. Sorry no one replied. Happy to hear the new MOBO corrected the problem.

    Did you end-up on the Red USB Ports (5/6), or the Black USB Ports?

    What BIOS version is in the new MOBO? I typically recommend people skip the 22nm (first version); in your case 0902. Whereas 0706 should be fine.

  3. I had tried both sets of rear ports, as well as the front case ports. Even after the board replacement, I was noticing hd controller errors in the event log. I've stopped using that drive for now, but purchased a USB 3.0 dock for the other one, which I removed from its USB 2.0 case. Amazing speed difference! The new board came with 0706, but I upgraded it to the new 0801 bios. Thanks.
  4. I'm having this same issue. I hear that device being installed noise and my mouse becomes unresponsive for about 2-3 seconds. Very annoying when trying to play a shooter game.. I suppose I should go get it replaced huh? Is there just a moderately low % of failure rates on the USB slots they used on the motherboard?
  5. It didnt happen to any of my USB peripherals other than the external hard drives. It did eventually happen again even after I replaced the motherboard. I ended up removing the drive from the USB 2.0 enclosure and buying a USB 3.0 dock for it. It is soooo much faster now.
  6. Try disabling EHCI handoff and Legacy USB support in the BIOS. Let us know if the problem is fixed after that.
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