How to backup data from damaged hard drive

I have an Hp pavillion PC; the hard drive is failing, how do I back up trhe data? When I try to boot the pc I can only see the cursor arrow
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  1. It sounds like that your drive is corrupted. To recover your data back, you absolutely could use a drive recovery freeware that can recover all your data back. It is worth a shot.
    In the future, you should learn to back up all your important data all the time.
  2. Try one of the easy and trustworthy Hard Disk Recovery Recovery that can easily take the backup data from damaged hard drive...
  3. As for me, I used Vibosoft free data backup software, three is no need to pay money for some paid software, hope this free data backup can help you.
  4. i have lenevo e430... it is not booting up and showing HHD0 error.... i talked with the customer care guy.. he is saying that my hardisk gets corrupted... now what can i do recover my data... tell me asap..
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