Blue Screens after 10.9

Hi there,

Getting bluescreens after 10.9 using my 5970. They are IRQL_LESS_THAN or whatever, is this a common problem? If not, any information I can give you that can help fix this?

Thanks =o
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  1. Revert back your driver and use older one like 10.3 or 10.4, that's the most stable driver for now...
  2. I've heard that 10.9 has a lot of problems. I have enough on my mind right now and am staying with 10.8 . What version did you use before? Were these problems seen then? If not, revert back.
  3. I used 10.8 before, I forgot to mention I switched back to 10.8 and still crashed...
  4. 1. Uninstall your current driver.
    2. Run Driver Sweeper (from safe mode):
    3. get rid all remaining of ATI by checked the ATI box.
    4. Re-boot your PC normally.
    5. Install again your 10.8 or the older one like i said before.
  5. I did that right before you posted, as I did that, I got an error about it not being compatible with my current drivers....
  6. What is your card? OS? 32bit? 64bit?
  7. Card is stated in OP, XFX 5970. 64bit win7.
  8. Are you sure you download the right version for your HD5970?
    Or you can try your card in different PC, if the same thing happened then RMA your card...
  9. Do you have an AMD chipset/processor?
  10. No, I use a i7-930.

    Yes I'm sure I used the right download, I even re-used the old 10.8 I already had downloaded and worked perfectly since it was released.
  11. Hi again..

    Still happening after reformatting. One of the recent bluescreens said:


    It's usually the same, but without the DRIVER.

    I have my two most recent minidumps uploaded here...
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