SATA III HDD on SATA II Motherboard

I know that SATA III is backwards compatible to SATA 1.5 so no worries there, but my questing is:

Will a SATA III HDD on a SATA II motherboard be quicker than a SATA II HDD on that same motherboard, or does it not matter since it's limited to SATA II speeds?
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  1. doesn't matter, mechanical hard drives cannot saturate sata speeds. if this was ssd, then it's a different story.
  2. Sata III HDDs sustained throughput is the same for being on a sata II or a sata III port. Ther is ONLY one parameter that is improved by being on a Sata III port, and that is the very short burst speed.

    Case inpoint compare the Sata II samsung F3 on a sata II port and a Sata III WD Black on a sata III port, Bet you would not be able to tell which is which in real day-2-day usage.
    Note I have both of the above configurations.
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