Upgrading to GTS 250

I have several questions regarding this upgrade.

Can you recommend me a reliable and trustworthy power supply, preferably 500 - 600W, that will work perfectly with my PC and this graphics card?

Will this GPU even fit in my case? (Size wise)

Am I making the right decision?

My main reason for this upgrade is for gaming. I would like to run games like Starcraft 2, recent FPS games, and Sims 3.
Up until recently, my PC was able to run these games but, it seems my luck took a turn for the worse. The temperature on my GPU would go off the charts raising up past the 110 °C mark. My screen would just turn black with a continuous lag sound in the background. I've taken off the case, pointed a fan directly at the GPU and even then, I get the same problem. Temperatures on my CPU are fine, mind you this problem only occurs when I play games.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: GeForce GT 220 - Nvidia and 300W Power Supply Model Number FSP300-60THA(1)


CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz

Windows 7 Premium 64 Bit

8.00 GB RAM

Motherboard - Gateway EG43M

PC - Gateway Model DX4822

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:, I currently reside in California.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: If you have any advice or tips I'd greatly appreciate them. Also, my GT 220 barely has enough room is what it looks like and I'm worried that I won't even be able to fit a GTS 250 in there.
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  1. I'll admit, I'm still a little of an amateur when it comes to computer parts but I know my way around.

    I looked up the model of your computer and I have a hunch that the case just doesn't have good airflow due to the lack of fans or just due to the overall construction of it. Maybe...and this is just an idea...maybe you could buy a case with better airflow and move all the parts in your computer into it.

    In any case, I own this XFX GTS 250 . Compared to other GTS 250s, this one is shorter and has a zalman cooler on it. For the most part it runs cool at 40-45 C idle and 65-70 C under load. That being said, I'm also running it in an Antec 300 case with 4 fans. Your mileage may vary considering you have a different case.

    If you're really concerned about length, you might want to consider getting a Radeon 5770. 5770s are better than GTS 250s and use less power. They might actually run cooler as well if you buy one with a non-reference cooler. There are also a few makes of 5770s that are compact such as this one . Do measure out how much clearance you have in your case before you buy any graphics card though

    As a for a power supply, 500W will definitely suffice and you may even get away with 450W but it never hurts to be safe. Just go with any power supply that is at least 80 plus certified. The one I use is this . Corsair is another good brand.
    Is that your PC?
    Are you sure you have Quad instead of Dual Core?

    This is what it's look inside:

    I'm sure you can add ANY PCIE card inside your case. :)

    Well, if you want to use GTS250 then you MUST upgrade PSU.
  3. I don't think he can add ANY card seeing as he as that drive cage. 5670 or the 5750 would be a good idea. Might not need to change the PSU with the 5750, FSP isn't that bad. And if it can do most of the power on the 12V rail then he should be ok. 5670 for sure won't have any issues.
  4. @4745454b: what drive cage?
  5. ? Seriously? Perhaps we use different terms, I'm talking about the thing the harddrive is screwed to. Follow the power wires to the drive, or look at the opposite end of the orange slot. It will prevent any really long cards from being able to be used. And because its transverse mounted, you can't cut any notches to make the card fit.
  6. @hfigst: I really do suspect it has to do with my case and airflow as well. Although, even with open case and an external fan blowing right into it, I'm still getting idle temperatures of 70-75 °C. Not sure if those are high but they almost immediately shoot up to 100 °C when gaming for several minutes. Also, thanks for the PSU & GPU recommendations. I really like that PSU, I'm thinking of getting it.

    @wa1: That is indeed my PC but with different specs. Otherwise, it looks exactly like that. Also, I took my processor information straight off of System Info for Windows. Hopefully it's not lying to me. I'm pretty sure it's a quad though. :??:

    @4745454b: I see what you mean. Gateway has really come to disappoint me. At least, my experience so far with them.

    I probably went the wrong path in buying this PC when I should have built one to my preferences. Ah well, my loss. I won't be making that same mistake again. I like the idea of moving everything to a new case but, I might just end up sticking with what I have and trying to make the most of it. Not sure if the 5770 or 5750 will fit in there. I might just go with a GTS250. If you have any other suggestions or advice they're more than welcome. Thanks for the replies everyone, really helpful forum.
  7. Oh, i see, thanks for the explanation. :)

    But i think HD5970 is the only card that wouldn't fit into the OP case.
    HD5670 should fit perfectly without problem, but it will struggle at high resolution (the OP has 1920x1800). I would suggest upgrade PSU with 500W minimum (Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, OCZ, SilverStone) and HD5770 or GTX460 minimum to get a decent framerate when playing games.

    Well, it's up to the OP. :)
  8. holy ***!
    70 - 75 C idle??
    i dont even reach near those temps on full load
    are you sure you dont mean Fahrenheit...
  9. ^
    If card is going bad, it can reach those temps even on idle... :)
  10. wa1 said:
    If card is going bad, it can reach those temps even on idle... :)

    but he has a gt 220, i had one which never went over 65C on full load
  11. alhanelem said:
    holy ***!
    70 - 75 C idle??
    i dont even reach near those temps on full load
    are you sure you dont mean Fahrenheit...

    Yeah, it's crazy I know. It must be a faulty card because I can't find another explanation for it. When I first had the computer it ran fine. Half a year later this problem arises. Now it gets hot enough to cook something in there! :sweat:
  12. Quote:
    ^^, Ever cleaned the fans or cooler of dust?

    Yeah, I bought a can of compressed air and cleaned out all the dust build up in there recently. Still have the problem though. :(
  13. Any chance the heatsink just needs to get cleaned? The GT220 is a new card so it can't be that old, but perhaps the OP has a bunch of cats/dogs?
  14. A GTX 460 will fit just fine so long it isn't the hawk as it uses a long pcb. I a few cases just like that so I know my way around them. The best that you can fit in there is GTX 460 or a 5770. To make sure get out a tape measure and see how much room that you have and then look up the physical dimensions of the card that you want. Most don't try that little trick but it works with out having to buy the card to see if you have the room for it or not. Avoid MSI and Palit gtx 460 as they do not cool the vrm on their cards and there are already complaints about this.
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